79 comments on “VOTE NOW > Swellies

  1. Great gym and rehab place – Jami should be commended for her
    management and keeping things running smoothly

  2. Esme brigham should he picked she really wants to be the shredder grom.

  3. Best breakfast menu for those who do not want the standard diner fair.

  4. Vice salon does THE BEST nails! So many creative, and fun options! And the quality of work and products is top notch!

  5. Best realtor Heremy Larson- hardest working agent I know!!

  6. Best realtor Jeremy Larson- hardest working agent I know!!

  7. Jeremy Larson and the Brokerage are awesome and will take good care of you

  8. Jeremy Larson is definitely the hardest working and most skilled realtor in Santa Cruz County. Feel sorry for the other realtors trying to negotiate with him. He is always positive and very creative.

  9. Jeremy Larson is a amazing realtor. Can’t say enough good things about him. Always attentive and very hard working. Highly recommend Jeremy.

  10. Jeremy Larson is a brilliant realtor. So happy I met him. He has a strong passion for what he does and is very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

  11. Jeremy Larson is a great realtor. You can tell he really loves what he does. Very professional and experienced.

  12. The team at Vice Salon are amazing!!! I have been a customer since they opened their doors and I could not be more Impressed!!

  13. Thank you for publishing SC Waves, i’ve been stoked on it from the 1st issue—really love the photography, the design & the writing—- & may VICE SALON win BEST SALON again–finger’s crossed!

  14. HYA is my home away from home! Such an amazing well run blissful studio full of awesome instructors and day after day of smiles and sweat with everyone always feeling so blessed to have this incredible place to go to detox. Nichole Duke is the best!

  15. I watched Vice grow from day one and they certainly deserve to be number one. The skill, service and courtesy they provide their customers is unsurpassed.

  16. Nicole is an inspiration and has created a magical calming place for all.

  17. Dr. Brandon Thomas: Awesome chiropractor and a great person who will go the extra mile for you!

  18. Alison Gamel is my favorite photographer for landscapes/nature shots. She captures pictures of Santa Cruz from so many different perspectives. She has my vote!

  19. Jessyka Soto and the David Lying Agency are above reproach in all that they do. Jessyka Soto is incredible as an agent and human being. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an honest, caring, and knowledgable agent to work with.

  20. Happy to support local businesses that make our community unique. #santacruz

  21. Love voting for my favorite local businesses… especially Jessyka Soto….best realtor!

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