Cocktail Week

We are teaming up with Event Santa Cruz to bring the community the first annual Santa Cruz Waves Cocktail Week.  This week will be at the end of September, from the 23rd – 27th. We’ll be featuring one cocktail per venue for $5 for the entire week for patrons to come and try. 
If you’d like to be a part of this awesome week, please reply to this email and I’ll call you to go over the details.
Price is $300 per venue, here’s what you get:
– mention in editorial in SC Waves Aug/Sept issue
– name on ad in SC Waves Aug/Sept issue
– name on all posters (150 posted all over SC County)
– video shot and put on Event Santa Cruz Utube 
– videos posted on
– signature cocktail listed and advertised on page
– advertised in weekly news letters for both SCW and Event Santa Cruz
– advertised on
– advertised in weekly fb posts on both SCW and Event SC for 10 weeks 
– advertised in weekly IG posts on both SCW and Event SC for 10 weeks
bonus: $100 extra
– banner for venue to promote your signature cocktail 
This is an amazing amount of advertising for $300, lets all participate and make this week a hit!

CONTACT Steff Lutz to participate: 831-345-8755