Santa Cruz Waves Swellies 2022

At Santa Cruz Waves we believe that Santa Cruz would be nothing without all of our incredible local businesses. The Swellies Awards is our way of celebrating the incredible businesses and people of Santa Cruz!

Now more than ever, it is important for us to show support for all our favorites. Vote for the coffee shop that makes your morning special, the burrito you can’t go a week without, the grocery store that made you feel safest in the pandemic. Vote here or scroll down to vote!

Winners will be featured in our April/May 2022 Issue.

Some basic guidelines:

1. You can only vote once.
2. You must vote for a minimum of 15 categories for your vote to be counted. We know that the number of categories can be overwhelming–just do your best!
3. Keep it local! Vote for local owned businesses! Remember, this is across all of Santa Cruz County.

Assets for businesses can be found here !

As far as a Swellies in-person event? On theme with the past two years, we are cautiously optimistic! An event is in the works and we will finalize when (or if!) it is safe to do so!

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