Who The Hell is Colin Jones

When you think of stylish long boarders you may think of smug hipsters with their long blonde hair and lean bodies, sipping from their ceramic mugs of expensive artisan coffee. Or perhaps you picture the instagram captions philosophizing about the meaning of life while conveniently displaying their best nose ride of the week, all for the purpose of climbing the social media ranks. Meet Collin Jones. Collin is a stay-at-home dad and an exceptional longboard surfer from Santa Cruz, California who has never owned a smartphone, french press, or gym membership. It has been said that the only real Christian was Jesus. It has also been said that the only real hipster is Collin Jones. Collin actually doesn’t give a f#%k. He doesn’t give a f#%k about you, me, or anything but his wife, daughter, and getting his crusty little toes on the nose of his surfboard. Here is a sneak peak into the life of Collin Jones and what keeps him riding those waves each and every day.

Directed/Written/Shot/Edited: Kyle Buthman
Starring: Collin, Lilly, and Cathy Jones
Narrated by: Tom Bargetto
Music: “Jam Man” by Chet Atkins
Special thanks: Cathy Jones, Nick Maleta, Or Benomri

WHO THE HELL IS COLLIN JONES? from Kyle Buthman on Vimeo.


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