When visiting our parks and beaches this July, please be sure to place trash in receptacles. If you can, take your trash home with you and help us all out by removing any litter that you may encounter. Doing so prevents overflowing garbage cans and the chance of trash blowing into the ocean.



Dispose of plastic gloves and face masks responsibly. Be sure to place them in the trash. And consider the use of reusable face coverings instead of disposable face coverings.



Just say “no” when on the go to plastic utensils and bottled water. If ordering food to-go or picking up food, say “no thanks” to plastic forks, knives and spoons. Refill your own reusable water bottle rather than accept a plastic one.



BYOB! Bring your own water bottle, and utensils too. Keep a travel set of these ocean-friendly items in your backpack, car, purse or office.

Remember that food to-go bags and containers belong in the trash. They are not recyclable.



And last, but not least, remember that “Free Stuff” left curbside is a form of litter that is considered “Illegal Dumping.” Although well-intentioned residents may claim that such items are picked up immediately by those in need, they are often found in parks, on riverbanks, streets and beaches. City code prohibits such illegal dumping—even on the curb in front of your property.



Our website offers solutions for unwanted items like these. Check out these tips and other Litter Free July suggestions at Thank you!


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