SUSTAINABLE SWAPS | The Better Way to Pack Boards

Flexi-Hex’s environmentally friendly board packaging will save you time and money while helping to save the world

By Neal Kearney

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There’s nothing easy about traveling to a far-flung location while lugging a bulky and awkward board bag full of your prized surf sleds. First off, it can be a real chore to pack them speedily and securely, and most airlines charge an arm and a leg in oversize-baggage fees. From there, it’s a matter of luck: boardbags can be lost or mixed up in transit, and once you hand them off to the luggage checker, you submit them to rough handling by underpaid bird-loaders and the crushing weight of your fellow passengers’ belongings. There’s nothing quite like the sickening feeling you experience upon opening your bag after a long flight only to find all three boards smashed and inoperable courtesy of a bumpy ride through  the “friendly skies.”

Board bags come in many shapes and sizes and, depending on your investment, quality can vary. Even the most expensive can’t be relied on to withstand the rigors of travel, so, historically, surfers have used a variety of materials, such as plastic bubble wrap, pipe insulation, and even extra towels, wetsuits, and clothes—to add an extra layer of defense. Not only is this process cumbersome, but surfers are also using some toxic materials that can ultimately make their way into the sea, adding to the perilous state of our ocean’s health.

Finally, thanks to the sharp minds at UK-based company Flexi-Hex, there’s a quick, simple-to-assemble board packaging system that is far more kind to Mother Earth than the usual bubble-wrap method.

Flexi-Hex’s  reusable cardboard packaging takes single-use plastics out of the equation, and turns what used to be a 30-minute packing nightmare into a two-minute walk-in-the-park. The lightweight, recycled-cardboard sleeves use an innovative honeycomb design to bolster strength and protection, making all that bulky and unreliable packaging a thing of the past. This hexagonal cellular structure is flexible enough to fit most boards, from surfboards and kiteboards to skimboards and stand-up paddleboards.

Good for the environment, great for your wallet, and superb in its function, Flexi-Hex lends itself to a low-stress surf trip—one where you can focus on the fun at hand, not combing the country for a surfboard to rent or ding-repair business that speaks English.

The Details:

  • Available in three sizes: Lite, Medium and XL.
  • Can reduce the need for single-use plastics in many packaging systems.
  • Leaves 30mm of separation between boards, providing much needed protection during shipping and transit.
  • Reduces your environmental footprint by using affordable, accessible, and 100-percent recyclable materials.
  • Sleeves are designed to protect surfboard rails, deck, nose, and tail.


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