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#creatorscontest 🍩 @visslasurf 🍩 @surfrider Greetings, from New Hampshire. I present to you, my entry to this year’s Creators Contest. This is a 5’9 1/2”x21”x2 3/4” Mini Simmons, dubbed the “Yewwlatta.” It is comprised of: 🍩 Over 700 EPS Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cups 🍩 30+ plastic straws 🍩 Cull bamboo from my own snowboard builds 🍩 Entropy Super Sap epoxy 🍩 Fiberglass cloth 🍩 Salvaged and recycled MDF and Masonite compression mold 🍩 Hundreds of hours of love and devotion I have been preparing for this contest since last November when I began to collect coffee cups and plastic straws myself, but mostly from friends and family. It came to be in the wake of last year’s contest, and inspiration drawn from @tlanemayne, and his winning cigarette butt surfboard. It didn’t take long to decide on coffee cups as a material, as there is a Dunkin’ Donuts at every intersection in New England, but I knew I’d need time to collect enough for this project. I also needed time to devise how I would most ecologically cobble all of them together into a shapable blank. After much testing of adhesives and methods, I adapted a concept often used in snowboard crafting by building a mold from recycled materials from my snowboard press and the sign shop I work at to compress the cups together with epoxy. I also used a flexible silicone heat blanket for snowboard building to flash cure the epoxy in 40 minutes. After weeks of pressing, and much help and patience from my wife, @bluepamplemousse, I finally had a blank to work with. It was comprised of roughly 2,800 chunks of cups, 700 cups in total. I then sandwiched between them, an off-cut of bamboo plywood I had from snowboard builds to use as a stringer. If you’ve made it this far into this lengthy post, and still want more, I have an extensive catalog of the whole build in my story highlights on my page called “Yewwlatta.” Check it out, if you would. #vissla #surfrider #diyordie #recycle #banplasticstraws #coffee #dunkindonuts #dunkin #supersap #surfing #newengland #newhampshire #maine #massachusetts #rhodeisland #ocean #surfcraft #handshaped #eps

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