(Video) Herniated Disc Back Injury Recovery

Check out this local’s recovery from a back injury, to get him back in action at Santa Cruz CORE

In this video, you will learn about Ben’s experience training with CORE Pro Elite Trainer Clark Carabelas. As CORE’s lead rehabilitation therapist, Clark has helped Ben get out of pain from a debilitating back injury. Watch Clark now train Ben to his full athletic ability.

Santa Cruz CORE bring together professional from many health fields all under one roof and fosters an environment of integration and collaboration. CORE staff work together using this integrative model to keep people injury-free while getting them fast results. CORE provides a customized training program to fit their needs, lifestyle and physical abilities. All CORE Certified trainers are CPR Certified and Nationally Certified by an accredited national personal training certification program as well as enrolled in the Santa Cruz CORE Continuing Education Program.

The Functional Integrative Model

The functional integrative model is what sets us apart from other gyms and wellness centers of our kind. Applied to personal training, functional integration means breaking the cycle. Old injuries, accidents, desk jobs, commutes and busy schedules cause us to feel deactivated and disconnected from our bodies. We want to move and get back to optimal health, but our bodies and minds resist. Pain, fatigue and physical restrictions discourage us and understandably so. Santa Cruz CORE breaks the cycle to get you results. We help you change your life.

Core Elite Trainers

A Santa Cruz Core Elite Personal Trainer has 10 to 20+ years experience and has developed a unique training specialization that is part of the Continuing Education Program offered at Santa Cruz Core Fitness + Rehab. Our Core Elite trainers’ specializations include Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Sports Conditioning, Weight Management, Corrective Exercises and Injury Rehabilitation among others. An Elite Trainer’s time goes well beyond the hour that they spend with you, often researching and modifying programs to fit your very specific needs and goals, as well as administering Home Exercise Programs, Home Rehabilitative Programs, and nutritional advice to overcome stubborn plateaus or to live a healthier life.

Meet Clark

Clark Carabelas is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has a B.A. in Psychology and completed two years of graduate studies in Physical Therapy. Clark’s extensive background includes more than 12 years in orthopedics and geriatrics, and the past 15 years as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition/Lifestyle Consultant. He has completed advanced studies in scientific back, core, and specialized sports conditioning subjects, including golf, motocross, tennis and horseback riding. Clark has presented as a guest speaker at numerous business meetings and healthcare seminars.His experience extends to all ages and lifestyles, from the sedentary to the elite athlete, with or without complex medical histories. Clark also specializes in post injury rehab and re- injury prevention. With his vast knowledge and experience, Clark is able to individualize programs for each person he works with, and feels there is nothing more gratifying than making a positive difference in someone’s life.

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