Grom Spotlight | Keanna Miller

Keanna Miller works hard, in and out of the water

By Neal Kearney

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When 13-year-old Keanna Miller came into this world, she was set up for success in the surf, as her parents were both competitive and respected surfers. She started surfing around 10, but she didn’t quite get the bug until she went to Kauai a year later. “It felt like someone flipped a light switch,” says the goofy-footer.

Since then, she’s been unstoppable, surfing as much as possible. During her first competitive victory, Miller was the only sixth grader in the final and smoked them all. She’s since picked up some major sponsors and heaps of new contest wins, but still finds time to live a well-rounded life.

“Jujitsu, singing, fishing, skating, golf, I’m into just about any activity that comes my way,” says Miller.

At Mission Hill Middle School, the eighth grader’s favorite subject is science, as she loves to find out how things work. After school, in the surf lineup, Miller isn’t worried about getting hassled because, “I know if anything happens, the boys have my back.”

Such youthful vigor and playfulness, combined with strong genes and a host of Westside surf royalty cheering in her corner, Miller is bound for big things in whatever she chooses to concentrate on. Buell Surf Sales & Marketing Vice President Duke Brower is stoked to have her on board the team. “Keanna’s surfing is a direct reflection of her bloodline. Like the legendary Westside goofy-footers who have paved the wave for her, guys like (Anthony) Ruffo, (Randy) Bonds, and Nat Young, Keanna accentuates her powerful turns with grace and fluidity.”



Age: 13

Sponsors: Volcom, Pacific Wave, Arrow Surfboards, Buell wetsuits, Sawyer Chiropractic Group.

If I could borrow a jet plane for two days: I would go to Oahu and surf all the spots because I’ve never been there. Next, I would go to Costa Rica to surf Pavones and visit my friend Emily.

The nastiest wipeout I’ve had: It has to be at the Lane. I was doing a turn over “table rock” and I landed straight on dry reef. I remember thinking, ‘Oh gosh there goes my new board.’ Luckily, I only got a little ding and a bruised leg.

I like to listen to: Rap music to psyche up before a heat, because it makes me get fired up and ready to go.  My favorite artists include 21 Savage, Migos, XXXtentacion, and Tyler the Creator.

Some local girls I like to surf with are: Gianna Fuller, Bianca Dootson, Eden Edwards, Autumn Hays, and Esme Brigham.

The best post surf meal: A smoothie bowl at Steamer Lane Supply.

In 10 years: I see myself having a bachelor’s degree in business and a nice house near my favorite surf spot, the Lane.

If I could sum myself up in four words it would be: Competitive, weird, determined, and outgoing.

To be completely honest: My dad is one of my best friends. Surfing with my dad is always fun. He pushes me to surf my best and I push him, too.

Shoutout to: My amazing parents, family, friends, sponsors, NSSA, and Surfing America. I want to thank Nelly for shooting the picture of my first ad, and everyone who helped me get me where I am.


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  1. Don’t forget that ukulele and singing! I remember a post on Facebook your Dad Bud put up and it sounded like you have natural talent! aloha 🍍

  2. Congrats. KEANNA YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO DOING SOME GREAT THINGS.INDEED.YOU TURNED YOUR CAN’TS into cans and your dreams in to plans .keep Surfing. Love Lupe.

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