All of us at City Parks and Rec extend a huge thank you to volunteers from the Santa Cruz Warriors, Coastal Watershed Council and Nueva Vista Community Resources for cleaning and planting native plants with us along the Riverwalk on February 1.




About 50 adults and children helped weed and plant nearly 100 yarrow, Artemisia and Juncus plants at San Lorenzo Boulevard and Ocean Street.


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The plantings were designed for habitat improvement and to enrich the aesthetic experience of the River.


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Warriors players worked together with children who live in the Riverwalk area to improve the rock wall.




The kids did a wonderful job working hard throughout the afternoon.




Santa Cruz Warriors mascot Mav’Riks kept everyone entertained.




The group effort was guided by Urban Forester Leslie Keedy, CWC River Scientist Alev Bilginsoy, and Max Wells from our Parks Maintenance division.


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Vice Mayor David Terrazas and former Mayor and CWC member Hilary Bryant heartily thanked everyone for their tremendous support of the Riverwalk.




This gift of time and effort will enrich the Riverwalk experience for all of us for years to come.


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