Santa Cruz Sand Bars

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have noticed we have received quite the substantial amount of consistent, rainy weather and VERY large North-Westerly swells.  This classic El Nino pattern moves sand around and pushes it into just the right spots where, when combined with clean swell, will send perfect waves peeling down the newly formed sand-bars all across town.  Many people flock into town from all over to tackle some of these rare, novelty waves for themselves; however, with all of the attention on the “cover-shot” break, It’s left many of the other local gems seeing empty line-ups.  These images are what appear to now be common sights for basically any given sunny afternoon now. THANK YOU EL NINO!

Photos: Alex Kiuchi

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  • _AAK6299


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  • _AAK6329


  • _AAK6353


  • _AAK6376


  • _AAK6388


  • _AAK6432


  • _AAK6514


  • _AAK6582


  • _AAK6592


  • _AAK6606


  • _AAK6610


  • _AAK6613


  • _AAK6619


  • _AAK6631


  • _AAK6646


  • _AAK6648


  • _AAK6705


  • _AAK6735


  • _AAK6739


  • _AAK6812


  • _AAK6847


  • _AAK6851


Alex Kiuchi

About Alex Kiuchi

Born and raised on the west side of Santa Cruz, Alex was naturally drawn to the ocean , and after taking up photography early in high school, he eventually combined the two passions and has now been shooting professionally for several years.

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