Santa Cruz on Fire

What an amazing end to a week of world class surf here in Santa Cruz.  Fun little waves with just buddies under an amazing sunset.  Looks like there’s still plenty more on the way too..

Surfers include: Nat Young, Ben Worthen, Chad Underhill-Meras, and many more West Side locals.

Photos: Alex Kiuchi

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Alex Kiuchi

About Alex Kiuchi

Born and raised on the west side of Santa Cruz, Alex was naturally drawn to the ocean , and after taking up photography early in high school, he eventually combined the two passions and has now been shooting professionally for several years.

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  1. I was born and raised in Watsonville. I moved to North Carolina in 1972 and I have missed the ocean especially between Watsonville and Santa Cruz. Never surfed but loved to watch. Do you sell prints? Would love to get some of the coast between Watsonville and Santa Cruz. I don’t get home very often. I love your photos and others on Facebook.

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