Trash Tubes in Bali

Located on the Bukit Peninsula in southwestern Bali, Uluwatu has been regarded, since its
discovery as a surf break in 1972, as a world renowned spot of incomparable beauty. Between the
angelic symmetry of the waves, the blinding white hue of the silky sand, and the crystal waters that surround the small island, it has chiseled an addictive itch in the collective consciousness of the global community. But like many pristine areas in the Third World, the recent influx of western tourism have impacted the environmental integrity of the area in a disastrous way. Follow host Kyle Thierman, of Surfing for Change, as he peers into the dark underbelly of Bali’s tourist economy; researching a handful of grassroots efforts aimed at cleaning up the polluted waterways inundated with everything from untreated sewage, to broken surfboards, to mounds of plastic whose sheer abundance might effectively end Uluwatu’s reputation as a world class surfing destination.

Tommy Cassorla

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