Skydiving….from a helicopter?

June 12, 2004: My mother’s 52nd birthday. I would imagine that most quinquagenarians (yes that’s an actual word, I looked it up) aren’t celebrating at 10,000 feet. But she was. She took that fateful leap, landing, unexpectedly, and quite frighteningly, off course by a considerable margin. Beside a road in Monterey I believe they call the G17,or Reservation Road. I remember this day. I remember watching her colorful shoot rapidly bloom against the blue sky. For this, and countless other reasons, I admire her beyond compare. So it should come as no surprise that skydiving, and the art of flight itself has always fascinated me. But from a helicopter?!? Never seen it before. Looks like something I’d like to try someday.

Tommy Cassorla

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