We Test-Rode The Boosted, And It Was Good.

With a top speed of 22 mph, the Boosted Board is a fast way to get from Point A to Point B. Photo courtesy Boosted Boards.

With a top speed of 22 mph, the electric-powered Boosted Board is a really fast way to get from Point A to Point B. Photo courtesy Boosted Boards.

I was kind of a skater wanna-be growing up. A few years ago I bought a longboard at a garage sale for $10 and tried to teach my dog to pull me around. We were a mess—Chewy likes chasing way more than he likes pulling. And I could never get the timing and balance of the push-kick.

So when a Boosted Boards rep showed up at Hilltromper headquarters in downtown Santa Cruz offering to literally take the leg work out of skateboarding, I was intrigued to distraction—as was the rest of the Cruzioworks co-working community. (We’ll get to that beautiful mess of frivolity in a minute).

The Boosted Board is a California-made (headquarters in Mountain View) electric longboard that offers the flowing carves and flex of an extended wheelbase. With super-sturdy trucks, a flexy bamboo deck and orangutan-in-heat wheels, the board is called out as Tesla-esque in online testimonials. It looks good and feels solid. Sleek and reassuringly heavy, with of-the-moment splashes of neon orange, it’s a perfectly packaged big-kid toy. I saw it, and I wanted to ride it.

The session started out when Traci, Eric and I accompanied Cody DuMont, now sales manager, out to the Riverwalk Trail, donning helmets and trying to concentrate on the basic instructions before getting down to playtime. The board’s speed and braking are hand-controlled by a wireless remote, shaped vaguely like a toy gun. Using your trigger finger you roll a thumbwheel (triggerwheel, I guess)—forward to increase speed, backward to brake.

Simple enough. But I have small hands and they felt a little outgunned. The controller wasn’t an immediately comfortable fit and I was afraid that I would have trouble fine-tuning my speed. I got used to it.

There are three speed modes (beginner, eco and expert) available on all three Boosted Board models — the Single motor (1,000 watts), the Dual motor (1,500 watts) and the Dual+ (2,000 watts), which also features a pro mode. Single speeds range from 9 to 18 mph, Dual from 10 to 20, and Dual+ runs up to 22 mph. It’s easy to switch back and forth between modes by quickly pressing a button on the remote three times. We set out, devices set to Beginner. Read the rest of Clark Tate’s review of the Boosted Board.


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