10 Reasons To Start Mountain Biking

'Cause cornering is really fun, that's why. Photo by Kevin Pritchard.

‘Cause cornering is really fun, that’s why. Photo by Kevin Pritchard.

You’ve seen your neighbor roll out early on Saturday morning with a posse of friends for years now. You regularly bump into a boisterous group of fit and dusty folks with huge grins quaffing beers at the local brewery. Does it ever make you wonder if you’re missing out on something?

Trust us, if you aren’t riding a mountain bike, you are missing out. Here are the top 10 reasons to remedy that situation, stat.

It’s the most fun way you’ll find for getting fit.
If you struggle to find the motivation to go to the gym to sit on a stationary bike and watch TV, just imagine a workout that you can’t wait to start, without a monthly membership, surrounded by ever-changing scenery.

You are at the center of the mountain biking universe.
Some of the top manufacturers in the bike industry have grown here, or moved to Santa Cruz because those in the know want to live and work here. People from all around the world travel here to experience the trails that are out your backdoor. Discover why!

To make heaps of happy and healthy friends.
These are some of the best friends that you’ll ever meet, encouraging you to ride better and making you increase your recreation time. Let’s see… meeting with your cubicle buddy at the bar and muddling over the project plan, or hooting for your pals as they pull that technical descent for the first time?

To earn the best-tasting beer you’ve ever had.
Think muddy jerseys and comparing scars while rinsing the endorphins down with one of Santa Cruz’s microbrews on the patio at the brew pub.

—Dave Robinson. The author is a longtime mountain biker, licensed boat captain and natural teacher who provides friendly, safe one-on-one guidance for new mountain bikers through The Ride Guides

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