Threading Edge – A Gnarly Winter At Mullaghmore | Shore Shots #1

Mullaghmore “takes all the scary aspects of every big wave in the world and mushes them into one thing,” – care to take a look at the wave close up?

Threading Edge looks at some of the sickest sessions that Paul O’kane, Barry Mottershead, and Conor Maguire had at Ireland’s premier big wave spot last winter with some unforgettable insights from the men themselves. As one of the picks of the Shore Shots film festival, the hometown and international crowds have been eating this one up.

Our countdown of the top 5 shorties from the Shoreshots Irish Surf Film Festival draws to a dramatic close with this epic view of a winter’s battle at Ireland’s most infamous big wave spot in Threading Edge – An Insanely Gnarly Winter At Mullaghmore.


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