4th Annual Santa Cruz Waves Sandbar Shootout

4th Annual Santa Cruz Waves Sandbar Shootout from David Levy on Vimeo.

It was a gorgeous day with some nice swell down at Seascape Beach for the Sandbar Shootout surf contest. This is the 4th year that Santa Cruz Waves has run this event, and this was the best yet! Surfers from all over Santa Cruz surfed in this invitational event. The weather was perfect and the sandbars delivered. The use of the Whammy (each heat the contestant claimed what he thought was his best wave by throwing his arms in the air or other gestures) made the contest extra fun. This year there was a prize for the best Whammy claim motions. It was between Austin Smith-Ford and Kyle Thierman… Thierman won with a stunning routine. The four who make it the finals were Austin in 4th, Shane Desmond in 3rd and a close 1.6 point difference that put Chad Underhill-Meras (last year’s champ) in second and world touring, West Side local Nat Young in first.

Sponsors include: Driscoll’s, Reef, Santa Cruz Salmon Jerky, East Side Eatery, Seascape Foods, Pleasure Pizza, Local Style, Palapas, Monti Foundation, Delux Foods, Kayak Connection and Ventana.

Filmed & Edited:
David Levy
Levy Media Works
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