Hangin’ with a Local: Jeni Baer


Photos by Paul Topp | Words by Jeni Baer

What does a day in the life of a local look like? To find out, Santa Cruz Waves spent the day tagging along with Pleasure Point’s Jeni Baer as she enjoyed some of her favorite activities.


Surf Check

In the morning, I ride my scooter to grab some coffee, then give the waves a look and decide if I want to go out.



Home Sweet Home

I love traveling and seeing new places, but I am so thankful to call Santa Cruz home. Pleasure Point is my favorite spot in the area.


Beauty Pro

I work as a stylist at Urban Groove Hair Salon. [My coworkers and I] have such a fun time working together. I absolutely love what I do.


Farm to Table

The farmers’ market is a great place to buy locally grown produce and support the community. I like to come here for fresh flowers that I’ll use to decorate my house or to brighten up the salon.


Boat Life

My friend Kalina and I decided we wanted a boat. We searched high and low and found this little gem. We like to invite our friends Annie and Noelle to “yacht” with us and enjoy the sunset on the water. It’s been such a blast this summer.


Keeping it Chill

Smoothies are a great way to renew your energy after a summer surf session. I’ll make them at home when I have enough fruit on hand, but it’s also fun to ride our scooters over to Chill Out Café to just chill out.

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Paul Topp

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