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For the past 3 years over 100 Mission Hill Middle School students, taught by art teacher Kathleen Crocetti, have made Fashions from recycled materials and have had standing room only runway shows. This past fall one of Mission Hill’s students was invited to participate in the adult FashionArt show produced by Angelo Grova and the Michangelo Gallery. SLVHS Fashion Club and Show is in it’s 8th years of nurturing the talents and needs of students interested in fashion. These three events have created an excitement around fashion for Teens in Santa Cruz beyond the Mission Hill & SLV communities, resulting in Fashionteens, a spring fashion show open to all teens in Santa Cruz.

This year’s show was even more creative than last year.  Their was a dress rehersal first to give the participants a feel for what the real show will be like.  And also for the judges to choose who gets what awards.  The awards included: Creativity Prize, Environmental Cleanup Coalition offered three cash prizes (the purpose of the Trash-N-Fashion category is to bring awareness to the Plastic Pollution issue in our Oceans), First Place $250, Second Place $150, Third Place $100.  The Civic Auditorium was packed to watch the fashion show. Some of the pieces were quite intricate. Using materials that would otherwise have been on their way to the landfill. There is a whole team of volunteers that assisted in every facet of the show. The teens were so excited to show their pieces. I’m sure next year’s show will top this year’s as they inspire each other to greater creative heights!

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  1. I am so proud of my grand daughter, Grace Trenholme. Shoe is so smart and talented and poised. Just thought I’d put in my two cents.

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