Drat! There is No Poop Fairy!

One of six new signs along West Cliff Drive.

One of six new signs along West Cliff Drive. Photo by Mobile Ranger.

The city of Santa Cruz just launched an anti-dog poop campaign and started with West Cliff Drive where there are currently six of these lovely signs posted. They plan to put up to 30 all around Santa Cruz. They got the inspiration from a similar campaign by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado.

Of course bacteria help decompose dog poop and might be considered a Poop Fairy of sort. However, as the sign says: dog poop takes much longer to biodegrade than wild animal poop and it’s a lot stinkier!

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Julia Gaudinski

8 comments on “Drat! There is No Poop Fairy!

  1. Where/how can I get one of these signs? Summer is coming and people just don’t respect their neighbors property. I don’t blame the dog.

  2. Where can we find more signs like this? I would like to get some for our little pavilion area in our town….?

  3. Where can I purchase a sign?Seriously..I will post a few of these in our neighborhood!! Awesome idea!!

  4. Awesome idea!
    Where can i see the rest of the designs?
    Would love to start something similar here in mumbai.
    Thank u for the inspiration.

  5. I live as a workcamper in an RV Park in Arizona. Leashing and cleaning up after their dogs is our biggest issue with some of our guests. We try hard to be friendly and accommodating, but some people, especially those with small dogs, think their dog’s poo is inconsequential.
    Sometimes we feel like we’re harassing the same campers over and over, because they think, “their dog is nice so it doesn’t need a leash” or “their dog is small and there for the poo is small”. Then, there are just some who don’t bother, until caught.
    However, when you multiply hundreds of people with multiple dogs over a 10 month season, it’s a huge deal.
    Our own dogs, who are healthy, suddenly had hook worms after we moved here..undoubtedly because of the pet run waste from the previous season left by infected pets. (which they probably picked up from a different campground before staying with us)
    We had to “clean and mitigate” the pet run ourselves to correct the issue.
    We provide trash cans throughout the park, a pet run with a large waste can, and a dumpster on your way out..still we are left cleaning up after ADULTS who happen to have dogs.
    Okay off my soap box. I would gladly purchase one of these, or even two..with my own money. Where can I get one?

  6. I’m a host at a RV park in Arizona very interested, Residents and Dog-Poo are always an issue!!

  7. I need TWO of them! I have really obnoxious neighbors who think they are doing me a favor fertilizing my front yard with their dog poop. They REFUSE to scoop the poop, even when I offer a bag and ask politley.

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