Spotlight: Zack Parker


ZP:  Ezekiel or Eskelly is one of my best friends from the village. I wrote about the time he spent with me in the states for 24 hours.


SCW: So what’s next this for this amazingly talented entreprenuer from my little hometown of Aptos??


ZP:  My goal was always to get Walu International to a point where I could just handle the marketing and fundraising here in the USA and have a team take care of all of the operations over in the village. That has finally happened thanks to Cynthia Runyon. Now I can focus my energies towards our fundraising, such as our most recent “Give A Crap” campaign. The idea is that for every time you poop here in a toilet you donate $.50 to help others gain access to the same services in PNG. We like it because it is fun, rather than depressing. We want people to like what we do and not get depressed when they hear about us.


I have also recently partnered up with Shane Heath whome I worked on the “Give A Crap” campaign and we have been working on a new startup video website for the thrill-seeking community. You can check it at It should be launching this Summer. We’re hoping it’s some next level ish.


SCW:  Well, it sounds like most everything that comes out of that brain of yours is some “next level ish!” Anyone you’d like to give a shout out to?


ZP:  My parents, my fiancee, Shane Heath for grinding with me lately, Cynthia Runyon for taking Walu to the next level, and our 3 volunteers over in PNG for missing the holiday season in order to fulfill our goals for the toilet project. Lastly, I would like to thank all of our donors that “Give A Crap”. Keep pooping!


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