In Focus: Lance Miller


SCW:  Name? Hometown? Currently reside?


LM:  Lance Miller – Santa Cruz Ca – East side, 24th Ave


SCW:  Years shooting?


LM:  15 +


SCW:  Current equipment?


LM:   Canon D 5 mark 2 Canon D 7 mark 2 – Canon 400 mm prime 4.5 – Tamron 500 mm 5.6 – Canon 70 – 200 mm Prime 2.8 – 10 mm prime 2.8 17 to 24 mm prime . 50 mm 1.8 prime .  My wife Julie and I call ourselves the “Canon Couple.”


SCW:   Ok, enough with standard intro questions; give us your most memorable photo experience. 


LM:  Besides loving to shoot surfing and lifestyle images, I am an avid Lava Junkie.  Seventy-two trips to Hawaii the Big Island so far.  My most memorable photo experience?  Standing next to a 20 foot Lava Cascade and asking for a rainbow to come out this is what happened


SCW:  Unreal! I would imagine the danger elimiment gets bumped up a notch getting that close the lava fields huh?


LM: Ya, but I love the excitement & danger. Here’s a recent surf image I did for Andre Genovesi, called “Into the liquid.”



SCW:  With the introduction of digital and so many people dabbling in photography, how do you stay ahead or the curve or stand out from the rest?


LM:  I’m experimenting all the time with new techniques and lighting.  Photography is a learning profession until the day you step away from it – like i ever will.  My wife Julia is a Lightroom Photoshop expert.  She works as the head graphics art designer at Liquid Agency in San Jose – I learn so much from her everyday.


SCW:  You recently captured some amazing full moon images over the SC Harbor… What are some of your favorite places or things to shoot in this area?


LM:  Our beaches north and south are almost untouched photographically.  Big Sur, Point Lobos, Westcliff & Steamer Lane, Monarch butterfly clusters…this area is a photographic wonderland, not to mention the world class surf.  I shoot a lot in the early morning, which is my favorite time to be out.



SCW:  Dream trip anywhere in the world?


LM:  Being wildlife nuts – Alaska would be cool.  Costa Rica next Year.  Tibet & Napel would be on the list.


SCW: How can photography change the world?


LM:  The power of the still image is stronger then ever.  The ability of a simple capture to tell a story – the inability to hide the truth – as the whole world sees it as it happens and unfolds in front of them.


SCW:  So true. Thank you for your time, Lance! Any last words or shout outs?


LM:  It’s my passion.  I have to shoot everyday or I just don’t feel right.  I think you are similar to me in how much we enjoy shooting pictures.  A shout out my wife Julia who is a master photographer, my best friend, and the love of my life; who teaches me to be better person everyday.  A shout and kudos to Danny Keith – the man’s a one class act and gift to the community.




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