Going Nutz for Nut Kreations


It is my pleasure to introduce yet another little treasure found only here in downtown Santa Cruz: Nut Kreations. Tucked away on Lincoln Street, it’s a lovely store that has plentiful amounts of scrumptious and nutritious natural nuts and dried fruits!


Walking into Nut Kreations I was promptly welcomed by owners Mina and Brody Feuerhaken, who opened their immaculate shop just 10 months ago.  I was astounded at the variety of nuts and fruits to choose from. Mina, who comes from four generations of pistachio farmers, truly knows her nuts. With over 120 products to choose from, there is something for everybody.   If you love dark chocolate, there are banana chips covered in it. Maybe you have palate for savory flavors- go for the chili pepper corn nuts! You can even buy your favorite nut and grind it up right in the store and bring home a delicious nut butter to spread on your morning toast. Everything in the store is fresh and there are quite a few organic nuts and fruits as well. Nut Kreations cares about their client, providing healthy products that fit into any healthy diet. To the Feuerhaken’s, “nuts are so much more than a healthy wholesome snack, they are a way of life!” They are dedicated to celebrating nuts with the public and providing nutritional goodness.


Nuts are an essential part of a healthy diet, providing omega 3’s, lowering cholesterol, reducing heart disease, and so much more. There are many easy ways to incorporate nuts into your diet. Top your cereal with nuts in the morning or eat them along with your favorite yogurt for an afternoon snack. Nuts are incredibly tasty on your favorite salad, giving an added mouth watering crunch. Don’t go for that artificial butter popcorn at the movie theater, bring some Nut Kreations trail mix or buy your favorite Nut Kreations trail mix there if you’re catching a flick downtown. Need help deciding on a gift? Nut Kreations staff is fully equipped to help you make the right choice with a multitude of different packaging that is fun and eco-friendly.


Be sure to pop in when strolling downtown! I guarantee you will go nuts for Nut Kreations!! It’s yummy, healthy, affordable, and fun!



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