Companion Bakeshop


There’s something special about the smell of freshly baked bread.  I take pride in the fact that I know where to get an incredible loaf.  Whether slathering jam on a slice of rosemary toast, dipping a slice of walnut toast in Nutella, or simply eating a piece of sourdough on its own; Companion Bakeshop knows how to make their bread.

As a student I anxiously awaited Wednesday, and when it finally arrived I would hurry to the downtown farmers’ market and wait for one of their mini baguettes that would not even last the drive home.  If you have not been to Companion Bakeshop, I can honestly say you should stop what you are doing, rearrange your plans, and do everything you can to stop in. Take it from me: you will end up staying awhile. Not only is the bread delicious, but their coffee drinks are right up there. From a mocha made with rich chocolate and a hint spice, a goatccino (yes you heard correctly, a goat’s milk cappuccino for those who are more adventurous or just down with goat’s milk), and a selection of tea served in a perfectly sized mason jar.

Things you should order: their chocolate apricot scone, an apple galette, toast with homemade apricot jam, and last but not least, do not leave without taking a loaf home. You can buy one loaf for six dollars or two for ten, because nothing beats a slice of fresh bread.  Rearrange those weekend plans and stop by Companion Bakeshop for a perfect baguette, a delicious loaf, or a place to appreciate the art of homemade bread.

Caroline Egan

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