Model of the Month: Kathleen O’Neil



October Model of the Month:  Kathleen O’Neil



SCW:   Name?  Hometown?  Current place of residence?


KT:   Kathleen H. O’Neil, Born in Butte, Montana which is one of the largest and most notorious copper-boom towns in the American West.  Grew up in the Willamette Valley in the heart of Oregon’s agriculture country. Reside in Santa Cruz, California since 2002; one of the most sacred places on earth!


SCW:   How old were you when you left Montana?


KT:   I never really left… My family still farms there. We moved to Oregon when I was in Preschool.


SCW:   What do they farm?


KT:   Organic wheat, hay, barley, etc…


SCW:    Have Aliens ever made a crop circle on one of their fields??


KT:    Ha ha yeas..!! How did you know? I think it was really just the neighborhood Amish with their horse and buggy though. Joy ridding!


SCW:    Ya gotta watch out for those crazy Amish folk…


SCW:   Have you ever touched a real life buffalo??


KT:    Ha! That’d be a wee bit dangerous!  I ate one once in a burrito.


SCW:   Woah, how was it?


KT:     Not the biggest fan. That’s probably why it only happened once.1aaaak4


SCW:    So did you ever surf growing up in Oregon?


KT:     Ya, it was fun but the wind chill made it pretty frigid…  The water is not that bad though.


SCW:    So what does Katie O’neill do for kicks??


KT:    Immerse myself in nature, work, play, dance, music, and art.


SCW:    What type of music are you into at the moment?


KT:    Breathe by Telepopmusik is playing right now. Believe it or not I play classical piano, the guitar and I am a turntablest. I’ve been trained in voice for years when I was younger.                       Photo: Sven J. Van Rooij


SCW:    What would a favorite day in SC consist of??


KT:    Fav day in SC would consist of: running in the woods, landing a big contract, surfing a perfect wave, and going to an epic show with my favorite people.


SCW:    Awesome!  Thanks for your time Katie! Anyone you’d like to give a shout out to?


KT:    Northwest Habitat Institute – , Intero Santa Cruz Harbor – , All the photographers; make-up/hair artist; clothing designers; legendary surfboard shaper Steve Coletta, O’Neill Wetsuits, Santa Cruz Waves, Mother Nature, and all of you who have faith in my success especially my friends and family!  You Rule!


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