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Spring Full Bloom in Capitola

Capitola has always acted like the heart of Santa Cruz. You can always find  something gorgeous in this city and I will always be proud I grew up here. Check out what Spring Break Weekend Looked Like Here: http://waves.cc/xF Photo:Zakari Adams

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Scotts Creek Beach – Photos by George Saitas

Scotts Creek Beach, just north of Santa Cruz, is a great place to relax or play. Photos: George Saitas Photography

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Saving the Waves is one of Santa Cruz’s key goals and it Showed on Thursday Night.

The Patagonia building, located on 415 River st. downtown Santa Cruz saw an incredible fundraising awareness event on thursday night. The event became the center of attention for some 300 people, with local sponsors such as: Whole Foods Market, Real Good fish, Patagonia Provisions and Discretion Brewing making this event feel warm and welcoming to […]

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A Day of Surfing just North of Santa Cruz – Photos by George Saitas

Heading North out of Santa Cruz…great views and awesome surf. Photos: George Saitas Photography

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Backlit Surf Under a Breathtaking Sky

There is something truly amazing about observing Santa Cruz surfers… On this particular evening the tide was fairly low which allowed for me to capture some artistic edits on the shore at Rockview. One amazing aspect of this local gem is that there is more than one spot to hit the surf here. The best […]

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Backlit Swells Back to Back

Backlit Waves Back to Back at Rockview this weekend. Check it out!!! View Full Gallery Here: http://waves.cc/wx Photos: Zakari Adams

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Up Close and Personal at Steamers Lane

I’ve had some great experiences at Steamers Lane however today seemed exceptionally over the top. I happened to have some time during the “lunch hour” and although shooting mid-day is my least favorite time, I was definitely rewarded. The Surf was beautiful with over head sets hitting the cliffs every 15 seconds or so, mildly […]

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Up Close and Personal with Surf at Steamers Lane

Getting up close and personal with the surf and marine life at Steamers Lane View Full Gallery Here : http://waves.cc/wG Photos: Zakari Adams

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