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Beautiful Tuesday Morning @ The Hook

The South Swell was still holding sets in the head-high range with clean conditions on Tuesday morning at The Hook and a big crowd of surfers were there to take full advantage of it.  Surfers included Brian Waters among many others. Photos: Paul Topp

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Mid-Day Tuesday @ The Point

Pleasure Point showed textured but rideable surf in the shoulder high range on Tuesday with a lot of surfers on hand to take advantage of it.  Surfers include CJ Nelson and Sammy Nigh to name a few. Photos: Paul Topp

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Sunny and Clean @ Pleasure Point

Wednesday saw small and clean conditions at Pleasure Point providing plenty of fun for everyone there.  Surfers included, Nick Hdez, CJ Nelson, Marciano Cruz, and Bud Freitas, to name a few.

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Tube Time on Tuesday @ Its Beach

Tuesday afternoon had strong off-shore winds creating some nice tubes in the head high waves at Its Beach. Photos: Paul Topp

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Hunting Hollow Waves @ The Hook

Side-shore wind and thigh high waves made for less than ideal conditions on Tuesday at The Hook, but with a little patience, you might find the view that you’re looking for. Photos: Paul Topp

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Take a Look Inside a Santa Cruz Shorebreak.

Feeling uninspired by Wednesday afternoon’s small and mushy surf conditions, S.C. Waves photographer, Paul Topp, looks for inspiration in our local shorepound at “It’s”. Photos: Paul Topp

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Tasty Tuesday @ Pleasure Point

A WNW Groundswell provided some solid overhead high sets on this bright and sunny Tuesday morning at Pleasure Point. Photos: Paul Topp

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Monday Morning @ Sewers and 1st Peak

WNW Swell offered the early shift some glassy conditions and the occasional overhead set at Sewer Peak and First Peak on this clean and clear Monday morning. Photos: Paul Topp

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