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First North/West Swell of The Season at The Lane

Wednesday afternoon saw a rising swell with over head high sets rolling in to keep crowds in the water and along the cliff happy.  Some of the surfers included Richie Schmidt Jr. and Chris Sanders to name a few.  Photos by Paul Topp Email: toppphotos@yahoo.com  

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Ireland Conti negotiates a critical drop at The Point on Friday morning. Photo: Paul Topp

Check out a gallery of photos from this day here.  Gray Morning at The Point Photo by Paul Topp

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Winter in Summer?

The past few days have reminded me of Winter. Not only because it has been kind of cold and overcast, although this year’s Winter was far from overcast, but because we’ve been having a nice run of waves. I for one was so excited that we had waves that I jumped in at the Lane, peak […]

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Miles Clanton @ Steamer Lane

Miles Clanton a few mornings ago at Steamer Lane. See more photos from this surf session here. Photo: Kenan Chan

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Sunny Morning at Steamer Lane

These photos were taken from the same day and session as “Tuesday Lunch Break at The Lane” but from the water instead. Earlier that morning I woke up early and saw that, to my surprise, the sun was shining, instead of the normal morning fog. I drove down and met up with Miles Clanton to […]

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Friday Shredfest @ The Lane

Friday afternoon saw small, but rippable conditions at Steamer Lane giving a small group of locals a chance to shred without the unruly crowds of this past week.  Surfers included: Carlos Carpenter, Richie Schmidt, and Sam Coffey to name a few. Photos: Paul Topp

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Tyler Fox Puts On a Power Surfing Clinic On The Eastside

Saturday morning brought the occasional  overhead wave to the Pleasure Point area and Tyler Fox was there to take full advantage of it. Photos: Paul Topp

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Fun Waves Monday Afternoon @ The Point

Monday afternoon saw a declining swell that still had head high sets at Sewers and First Peak, Pleasure Point.  Surfer included Santiago Hart among others.  To Purchase a photo, please email toppphotos@yahoo.com Photos: Paul Topp

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