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Surf on the West Side – Big waves after the storm

Using all of my mastery of the English language I shall describe the waves Saturday as … “big”. A few guys were out early and more came as low tide arrived about 10:00. Middle Peak was an enormous (look! adjectives!) display of mother nature’s raw power.

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Volcom Great White Surf Series at Steamer Lane

The Volcom Geat White Surf Series was at Steamer Lane yesterday — and what a great morning! The way our community encourages our kids to surf has got to be one of the best things about Santa Cruz. I spoke with one parent who was visiting with his son from Southern California and they joined […]

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Sunset at Steamer Lane

It is always a pleasure to watch the sunset at Steamer Lane. Photos by Paul Topp

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First North/West Swell of The Season at The Lane

Wednesday afternoon saw a rising swell with over head high sets rolling in to keep crowds in the water and along the cliff happy.  Some of the surfers included Richie Schmidt Jr. and Chris Sanders to name a few.  Photos by Paul Topp Email: toppphotos@yahoo.com  

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Another great Saturday at the Lane

By 6:45 you could already describe the tide as “high”. By 9:00 some waves were 8 feet. It’s foggy and that’s no surprise really but that meant none of the incredible sunrises we’ve had recently. The water was warm, some said 58 to 60 degrees. By 8:30 it was pretty busy. Seen today: Nat Young, […]

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Firing Friday at Steamer Lane

While photographing the waves on the West Side today, I ran across Flea, Nat Young, and several others crushing it at The Lane. Although the sun was behind the clouds, the wind was calm and the swell consistent. If this swell continues, it’s going to be an amazing weekend of surfing. Photos- Mike Higuet/ Higuet […]

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A swell Saturday at the Lane

This week we have the remnants of Hurricane Marie, bringing clouds that make the sky dramatic and a photographer’s dream come true (the cloudlessness from that high pressure system off the coast most of this year has been dismal). Today the swell was big and beautiful; powerful and rideable. Not the monsters that hit Southern […]

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Santa Cruz Paddlefest Sunday @ Steamer Lane

Paddlers of all kinds scored some great waves on Sunday afternoon for the 28th Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest at Steamer Lane. Photos: Paul Topp

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