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Big Waves and Strong Tide

We had a fine summer day this January 24th, 2015 with the sky clear and warm temperatures at Steamer Lane. I was wearing my best winter shorts and my good sandals. Other than that Saturday didn’t work out quite like I expected it to. The low tide looked an awful lot higher than your typical […]

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Glassy Saturday at The Lane

Saturday morning saw high tide and nice, glassy waves. Some folks were out but it was mostly the groms having the best fun. In the afternoon brought low tide and more surfers for an absolutely gorgeous day. January in Santa Cruz; it’s hard to beat. Today we saw Mary McCormick, Tommy Hernan and more.

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Sunset Session Thursday at Steamer Lane

The new swell was in full effect on Thursday afternoon and the Lane was crowded with surfers eager to take part in the festivities. Surfers included Nat Young, Richie Schmidt Jr. and many more. Photos- Paul Topp / @toppshots on Instagram

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Surfing America Prime Series, Saturday at Steamer Lane

Saturday morning could only be described as perfect. The sunrise was a blaze of color against the clouds overhead. It was warm and the surf was glassy, big, and… I know I already used the word but here we go again; perfect. Surfing America had a grom event at The Lane, all part of the […]

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Surfing America Contest at Steamer Lane

New swell in town just in time for the Surfing America Contest at Steamer Lane on Friday. Here are some of the lucky contestants who scored! Photos – Paul Topp / @toppshots on Instagram

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AcroYoga and just enough waves at The Lane on Saturday

Surf was expected to be small and meh on Saturday. I got there a bit after sunrise to meet with Matt Talbert, Caitlin Binder, Eddie Salguero, and Amy Impellizeri all of whom practice AcroYoga and regularly appear at the lighthouse on Sundays. The morning started out cold and their moves involved layers and jackets. We […]

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Surf on the West Side – Big waves after the storm

Using all of my mastery of the English language I shall describe the waves Saturday as … “big”. A few guys were out early and more came as low tide arrived about 10:00. Middle Peak was an enormous (look! adjectives!) display of mother nature’s raw power.

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Volcom Great White Surf Series at Steamer Lane

The Volcom Geat White Surf Series was at Steamer Lane yesterday — and what a great morning! The way our community encourages our kids to surf has got to be one of the best things about Santa Cruz. I spoke with one parent who was visiting with his son from Southern California and they joined […]

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