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First North/West Swell of The Season at The Lane

Wednesday afternoon saw a rising swell with over head high sets rolling in to keep crowds in the water and along the cliff happy.  Some of the surfers included Richie Schmidt Jr. and Chris Sanders to name a few.  Photos by Paul Topp Email: toppphotos@yahoo.com  

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Sunday at Steamer Lane

Colton Jeffrey Sunday evening at Steamer Lane. I was impressed with how patient he was when he kept getting burned wave after wave. Check out this photo and more from Sunday by clicking here. Photo: Kenan Chan

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Sub-par Sunday at Steamer Lane

After the sizable swell we just had, Sunday was somewhat disappointing. I wasn’t sure what I was going to photograph, but I settled on shooting my go-to spot, the Lane. Being my last gallery for the next couple months, I wanted to get in the water and get a gallery from the water. Despite the […]

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September Potpourri

If you are familiar with the TV show Jeopardy, you will understand the gallery name a bit better, but for those not as into Jeopardy as I am, it doesn’t refer to the good smelling stuff stuffed in your closet to keep your clothes smelling good, it refers to the category that has a bunch […]

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Foggy Big Sur

The fog cloaked most of the coast this particular day earlier this month, however in Big Sur, the sun was beginning to win the battle over the fog. See more photos taken this month by clicking here. Photo: Kenan Chan

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Quentin MacLeod Throws Some Spray

Quentin MacLeod Sunday afternoon at Steamer Lane. Quentin seemed to try and hang out on the inside to snag all the ones most of the people didn’t even see, and it seemed to be a good choice. Check out more photos from this session here. Photo: Kenan Chan  

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Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon had a dropping tide and some side-shore winds. The boys were out for Ken “Skindog” Collins’ Whose The Boy contest at Steamer Lane. Miles Clanton ended up winning the short contest. Other surfers included Fisher Baxter, Daven Haywood, Sam Coffey, Chad Underhill-Meras, Quentin MacLeod, Tyler Conroy, Nick Ericksen, and Richie Schmidt. Photos: Kenan […]

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Sunday Water Shots at Steamer Lane

Sunday evening at Steamer Lane was an interesting one. The waves started off pretty slow with smaller ones rolling through and the occasional set that everyone was itching for. As the tide continued to drop, conditions improved… at least a little. The crazy thing though was that it was not that crowded out, but despite […]

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