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Random Happenings at Steamer Lane

Steamer Lane Santa Cruz, California Santa Cruz’s Steamer Lane, as we all know, is a world famous surf spot. Some love it, some hate it. For some it’s a proving ground, for others it’s their playground. It serves as a stadium with viewing areas and a playing field, stocked with fans, photographers and the athletes […]

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Pure Stoke

Miles Clanton cheering on as Adam Bartlett navigates a double overhead wave- for him at least. So nice seeing everyone so supportive out there yesterday evening. Check out more photos from yesterday evening here. Photo: Kenan Chan / @kenanchan

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Folly of Film

Spring has sprung and Summer is fast approaching. The swell direction has shifted to a more southerly direction, for the most part, and the days between waves seems to grow. The wind has been increasingly present and blows away warm surface waters that then bring up cooler, nutrient rich waters. After getting pretty accustomed to […]

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South Swell at The Hook

The recent pulse of South that graced us treated surfers at The Hook with overhead sets and almost no lulls in between. The water was quite chilly but thankfully a constant light current forced me to swim against it and stay at least a bit warmer and my 5/4 didn’t hurt either. A bunch of […]

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Channel Islands Land and Sea

The Channel Islands are world renowned in the diving community as some of the best kelp forest diving in California. Due to the remoteness, the islands have remained relatively undisturbed by humans compared to other kelp forest environments. A huge variety of marine life calls the Channel Islands home including colorful nudibranchs, beady eyed moray […]

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Moray Eel

A Moray Eel (Gymnothorax mordax) peeps out of the crack of a rock. You can also see the antenna of a small cleaner shrimp that shares the crack with the Moray. Check out more photos from the Channel Islands here. Photo: Kenan Chan / @kenanchan

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Thursday Evening

After days of fog and low clouds I start to get tired of it, no matter how bad of a drought we are in. Yesterday seemed like every other day this week, cloudy cold and gray, but after talking to Ben Coffey who was going to test out a new board he shaped, the clouds […]

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Richie Schmidt Slicing at Steamer Lane

  Part of the fun shooting with the fisheye lens is that you have to get close to your subjects. Here Richie Schmidt got pretty close, although sometimes it is hard to tell just how close, so  less than 2 feet away close. I have a lot of respect for surf photographers who get even […]

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