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Thursday Evening

After days of fog and low clouds I start to get tired of it, no matter how bad of a drought we are in. Yesterday seemed like every other day this week, cloudy cold and gray, but after talking to Ben Coffey who was going to test out a new board he shaped, the clouds […]

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Richie Schmidt Slicing at Steamer Lane

  Part of the fun shooting with the fisheye lens is that you have to get close to your subjects. Here Richie Schmidt got pretty close, although sometimes it is hard to tell just how close, so  less than 2 feet away close. I have a lot of respect for surf photographers who get even […]

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Carlos Carpenter Scales the Cliff

I love being on the cliff when a surfer climbs their way down the cliff’s edge on a crowded day. People’s eyes widen, confused pointing ensues and then the chatter of “What are they doing?” or something along the lines of that. Here is the angle of what the climb looks like from the water […]

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Monday Evening From the Water

Monday evening was another beautiful Spring evening. The winds blasted for a while but soon died off as the sun began its descent. Some of you who have hit the water recently may have noticed, I know most of the surfers out last night did, the water has been noticeably colder than it has been […]

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Anders Cochran Flapping His Wings

  Anders Cochran doing his best to land on me- only joking. We both tried to link up on a couple of waves but with the small surf, we weren’t very successful, but being out in the water on such a nice day is pretty hard to complain about. Take a look at more photos […]

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A Sunny Spring Day

Compared to earlier this week, the swell definitely fizzled out, but that doesn’t mean there were no waves to be had. And at the very least, the weather was beautiful so getting out in the water was pretty nice. Hopefully if you weren’t able to enjoy this wonderful spring weather this week, you will this […]

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Willie Eagleton Throwing Down

Willie Eagleton cutting up a wave and tossing up some spray. Check out some more photos from this session here. Photos: Kenan Chan / @kenanchan

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Serendipity on a Sunny Day

The other afternoon I got a call from Tyler Payne who said he was coming down to Santa Cruz and asked if I wanted to shoot. With a bit of swell and the beautiful summer-like weather I grabbed an empty memory card and drove down to the beach to meet up with him. It was […]

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