The Mavericks Invitational is on for this Sunday, January 20th.

Our own Tyler Fox will be surfing the competition and you can watch it live on the Mavericks Invitational home page. here

Mavericks Surf Break

Mavericks is a winter destination for some of the world’s best big wave surfers. Very few riders become big wave surfers; and of those, only a select few are willing to risk the hazardous conditions at Maverick’s. An invitation-only contest is held there every winter, depending on wave conditions.

Mavericks Surf Contest

The Mavericks Invitational will be held Sunday, contest organizers announced Wednesday afternoon.

In a text message, leaders said the big-wave surfing contest will start at 8 a.m. Sunday to coincide with a large and clean west-northwest swell.

“Contestants and alternates from Brazil, Hawaii, Southern California and South Africa are making travel arrangements,” Mavericks

Invitational spokeswoman Jessica Banks wrote. Organizers and participants have been tracking the swell since last week.

Mark Sponsler, the contest’s official surf forecaster, said the storm has reached 60-foot seas in the Pacific.

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Mavericks – Surf Contest from Skate Vert on Vimeo.

Mavericks from KM2 Communications on Vimeo.

Mavs Opening Ceremony, 2012 from Mike Santaella on Vimeo.

Mavericks 2010 from Stephen Von Worley on Vimeo.

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