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September Model of the Month Yvonne

SCW: Name?  Hometown?  Currently reside?
Yvonne.  Santa Cruz.  I’m currently a gypsy.  I don’t have a permanent home at the moment.  I’m staying in Live Oak right now.  I grew up on the West Side and will be living back there soon.  I kind of like the freedom of being a gypsy.
SCW:  Would you rather be a famous photographer or a famous model?  Why?
Yvonne:  I’d rather be a famous photographer.  Modeling is focused on being physically attractive in a specific way.  Photography is capturing moments in a beautiful, inspiring, creative, interesting and useful way.  Physical looks fade and there’s always someone younger and more beautiful to take my place.  My skill and eye as a photographer are getting better as I go.  It builds in a very natural way as I become more experienced.  Besides, I’m way more passionate about photography than modeling!
SCW:  You have Santa Cruz pretty dialed as far as beautiful locations and things to photograph.  Have ever done any travels specifically for photography?   If so, where?   If not, where would you like to go?
Yvonne:  I’ll never get bored of photographing Santa Cruz.  It’s such an amazing, diverse place.  I haven’t gone on any travels specifically to photograph… yet.  I would love to go to Thailand, Bali, Japan, Australian, New Zealand, Fiji, China, Greece, Tahiti, Holland and Singapore.  I enjoy traveling and brining home my experiences through pictures would be amazing.
SCW:  Where do you find your inspiration do shoot day after day?
Yvonne:  I find my inspiration in the little things.  There are always tons of things I see every day that inspire me to capture and share them.  The way the sun hits tree leaves above me.  A precious moment between two people.  The light reflecting on water, clouds, my friend’s pets, architecture, a cool car, the ocean, nature.  There is always something interesting around me.  Life is inspiring.
SCW:  Dogs or cats?
Haha!  I would have said cats a few years ago.  But some of my closest friends have dogs.  And they broke me down into a dog person.  If I had to have a pet though, I’d pick a cat.  I’ve had cats and they pretty much do their own thing.  The commitment of a dog is a bit much for me.  Which is why I enjoy my friend’s dogs so much!  I get all the good parts.
SCW:  Sailboat or Yacht?
Yvonne:  Hmmmm… that’s a tough one.  I’d say a yacht.  Might as well go big!
SCW::  Orange or Green?
Yvonne:  Green for sure.  It’s my favorite color!  Orange and army green together can be pretty cool though.
SCW:  Surfboard or Skateboard?
Yvonne:  Neither!  Snowboard…  I appreciate surfing and skating.  I like taking pictures of surfing and skating.  Most of my friends surf and or skate.  As far as a sport I actually do and enjoy?  Snowboarding.  Last season was so much fun up in Tahoe!
SCW: Yes or No?
Yvonne:  Yes… unless it’s no.  Both are important.  I tend to say yes a lot though.  I have more fun saying yes in life.
SCW:  Words to live by?
Yvonne:  Continue to be curious about life.  Remember to have fun.  Realize we’re all on the same team, even if some people don’t realize it yet.  Be inspired by others and live your life as to inspire.  You are the source of your experience in this world.  You may not be able to change circumstances, but you can choose how you react to them.  Be a cause in life instead of an effect of life.  We are all connected in many ways.  Who you are makes a difference.  Speak to yourself with kindness.  Don’t take yourself too serious.  None of us are getting out alive.  Enjoy this life.
SCW:  What’s next for Yvonne?
Yvonne:  What’s next for me is to keep building my photography practice.  To start traveling.  To continue growing as a person.  To keep being me.
To view more of Yvonne’s amazing work visit our Facebook Page or her instagram @whyvonnegiraffe
Modeling shots by: Don Louv

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  1. Terry Hardin September 5, 2013 at 7:44 am #

    We need to get Yvonne on the road soon. With all of those destination she wants to visit it will require some time to hit them all. It’s fantastic that she is equally talented in front of as well as behind the camera. Rock on with your gypsy self, Yvonne.

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