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Burger! “Aptos beer and burger lovers score huge with opening of Burger.”

Beer and burger enthusiast were sent packing in search of the next best watering hole after The Britannia Arms in Aptos shut down just a few months ago, but they didn’t have to wait long.  Before they knew it, BURGER popped up and was ready to take in all the weary folks who were anxious to get back to beer drinking, but not just any beer drinking, forty taps beer drinking.  That’s right; BURGER offers forty different beers on tap, and that’s not all!  You can find a huge variety and styles of burgers named after past and present hollywood actors and musicians. Burgers, like the “Marilyn Monroe.”  This particular burger is topped with artichokes hearts, swiss cheese, and aioli sauce.  Yes, please!  This burger was super delicious.  They also have the “Spicoli”… you know, from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High?”  Of course you knew that…  Or maybe you would want a Chuck Norris, if you’re into getting your ass kicked with a burger topped with super-hot jalapenos; I know some people who like to sweat while they eat, do you?   Thus whatever you like, they most likely have it.  Okay, you’re thinking “there has to be something wrong with this; sounds too good to be true.”  Well, the burgers ARE fantastic, and can be made vegetarian as well, but maybe if they served them on a plate instead of in a meatloaf pan it wouldn’t be so awkward putting the burger down to take a sip of beer or eat a fry or two, but as a wise old man once told me, “you never put THE burger down.”  Ok…  So maybe I could let this one go.

Alright, now to the important part…THE BEER!  As I mentioned there are beers galore.  Forty beers on tap… oh my!  How does one decide which beer to indulge in first?  Ah! but don’t fret, BURGER bartenders will not make you decide without a few tasters first.  It just wouldn’t be fair.  So, go to the bar, sit down and give your taste buds a party.  Maybe you’ll be in the mood for a dark ale like the American Black Ale “Butchertown,” or a pungent red ale like the “Shark Attack Double.”  They have belgians, pilsners, lagers, stouts, and porters.  The point is, you have choices at Burger, and who doesn’t love choices?  So foodies, beer connoisseurs, and those just looking for a fun place to hang in Aptos any day or night of the week, check out BURGER.  You will not be disappointed.


For more info and locations visit their website here: http://burgeraptos.com/



One Response to Burger! “Aptos beer and burger lovers score huge with opening of Burger.”

  1. kaleidiscopeyez January 14, 2013 at 12:55 pm #

    i checked out this place and was disappointed. Most of their menu items ‘on the blackboard’ weren’t being offered, there were no side dishes and the burger was a C-.

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