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August model of the month Chanelle

IMG_8554SCW: Name? Age? Currently reside?

Chanelle Tuck, 23, I sleep in Scotts Valley but live in Santa Cruz.

SCW: Where did you grow up and what brought you to Santa Cruz?

Chanelle:  My family and I moved to Santa Cruz when I was eight and I grew up in the Live Oak area. We moved here because my dad began pastoring a church. Santa Cruz was a complete culture shock at first but I quickly grew to LOVE it.

SCW:  Yes Santa Cruz can definitely be quite a culture shock for people coming from other areas.  So you are currently Ms. Santa Cruz and shooting for the title of Ms. California.  You rock on the drums as well as do humanitarian work. Tell us a little about these aspects of your life.

Chanelle:  I began playing the drums when I was ten.  Music has always come easy to me and it’s a fun talent to have under your belt. I love to help people in any way possible both over seas as well as in our own community. This past April I traveled to North Africa with a wonderful group of people to help provide for abandoned babies, orphans, and special needs children. It was a life changing experience!  My hope is to give a voice to people who are unable to stand up for themselves or be heard on their own. Being Miss Santa Cruz is a title I want to use not for my own gain, but to help communities and people both near and far.

SCW: Wow that’s fantastic! Tell us a little more about you current project involving human human trafficking?

Chanelle: I am currently at the beginning stages of creating a short film and planning community events to raise awareness on the issues of human trafficking in our local area and state. Unfortunately, many people do not believe it is a problem that effects them because it is so misunderstood and hidden. Step one is to raise awareness while meeting people who want to help contribute to helping these victims. Once enough people are aware and on board I plan on starting a Crisis Restoration Center that would house women and children who have been victimized providing them with medical attention, room and board, legal support, counseling, safety, and skill courses or education that will help get their lives back course.




SCW: Sounds like quite the endeavor but I’m sure you can pull it off and make a positive change in peoples lives!What can ourviewers do to help you take the title of Ms. California?

Chanelle:  As of now people can follow me on my Facebook page to keep connected with upcoming evens and the sponsorships that will be needed. Also, if anyone has any interest in these subjects or would like to get involved with either the film or events I would love to be contacted so please don’t hesitate!  My facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/MissSC2013


SCW: Sweet! Any other shout outs you like to give?

Chanelle: I’m just stoked to be able to represent such a beautiful place! We are blessed to have the food, surf, beach, and community here so I am going to do my best to show all of California how awesome Santa Cruz really is!




Photos: T.Fox

3 Responses to August model of the month Chanelle

  1. David Lindauer August 1, 2013 at 10:28 am #

    Chanelle is the best!

  2. Alice DeVille August 1, 2013 at 10:50 am #

    I am so very proud of my niece Chanelle ,she is talented gorgeous and a very caring person who gives her all in everything she does ,and I know she will be a great Miss California in 2014 I have no doubt in her ability to win . I love my Niece and God is by her side to help her in what she plans to do in her role as Miss California 2014 . You go Mija the Family is behind you 100% and we are all so proud of you Chanelle Love you , your Tia Alice .

  3. JackNeenan September 3, 2013 at 2:46 pm #

    Amazing :)

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