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3rd Annual Santa Cruz Waves Sandbar Shootout

Friday January 31st Santa Cruz Waves held their 3rd Annual Sandbar Shootout Surf Contest. The waves were a fun 3-4ft with an abundance of sunshine. There were 24 local contestants from around town from groms to long time pros. The girls competed next to the guys, plus having their very own expression session. It was a chill group from all around the county, hanging out, BBQing, heckling and rooting each other on. Congratulations to Chad Underhill-Meras who took 1st place, Kyle Buthman who took 2nd, Brad Shelton who took 3nd and Austin Smith-Ford who took 4th. In the girls devision congratulations to Selah Bartlett who took 1st, Ashley Held who took 2nd and Autumn Hayes who took 3rd. All the competitors surfed great. The prizes included $600 to 1st place and a variety of awesome gifts to all the competitors. The top 4 finalists received custom framed pin-up art by A.Bachar Fin Arts with frames by Alibi Interiors. Huge thanks goes out to the family, friends, sponsors and volunteers that made this such a fun day under the sun. Our generous sponsors included: Reef, Oakley, Local Style, A.Bachar Fine Arts, Alibi Interiors, Seascape Foods, Village Host Pizza, Santa Cruz Salmon Jerky, Rainbow Fin Co, Khordz, Hawaiian Ola Energy Drinks and Jackie Goldbach Designs.

Photos: T.Fox

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  1. Paige Lea February 1, 2014 at 9:46 pm #

    Great gallery Tyler! The event was another huge success, good work friend.

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