Q: How do I get an upcoming event promoted on your site?

A: Email info@santacruzwaves.com and we will get you a login after a few quick questions.

Q: Do you accept photo or article contributions?

A: If you have a article or picture submit away! If it’s good we will post it to our fan pages and you never know… you could land a job with SC Waves!

Q: I never see any photos of myself on your site. Is there a way to tell you where I’ll be surfing so I can see some pics?

A: Unfortunately we DO NOT announce when or where we will be shooting surfing. Just make sure to look out for people with cameras and SC Waves gear on.

Q: I want to be a Model of the Month.  What are the requirements?

A: Send your info/pics to info@santacruzwaves.com You must be 18 years of age or older to be a Santa Cruz Waves Model of the Month.

Q: Do you accept letters to the editor?

A: Yeah and if it is good we might just publish it. Please send all submissions to info@santacruzwaves.com.

Q: I want to use one of the pictures I saw in a gallery.  Is it legal for me to copy it, or do I need to purchase it?

A: You must talk with that photographer. We will link you up.

Q: How can I get you guys to feature my business in an article?

A: All depends if there is a good story. Send your info to info@santacruzwaves.com and someone will contact you with in 72 hours.

Q: I want to buy some SCW gear, but I don’t want to pay shipping since I live in SC.  Can I pick it up somewhere instead of having it mailed?

A: Yes! You can pick up apparel at our office 3912 Portola Dr Suits 7 Santa Cruz CA 95062.

Q:  Are you guys hiring?

A: SC Waves is always looking for talent all over! If you are interested email us: info@santacruzwaves.com