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Green Turtles and Landscapes

I’m sorry if you are getting tired of photos from Kauai, but since the waves here on Sunday were uninspiring, I collected some more photos from my recent trip to Kauai. I promise that this will be my last one, but it was hard for me not to share a few more, especially of the […]

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Blue Water and Green Turtles

A young Green sea turtle munches on algae in the warm and clear waters off Tunnels in Kauai. Love turtles as much as I do, want to see more, check them out here. Photo: Kenan Chan 

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When the fog clears…

Check out the full gallery here:  “Summer-time on the North Coast” Photo: Matt Snow / @tradersnow For image purchase inquiries, please contact: mattclarksnow@gmail.com

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Summer-time on the North Coast

With nearly flat conditions, and not much in the way of surfing to shoot, I decided to put together a collection of images that display the beauty of our surrounding area, particularly, the coastline just north of Santa Cruz. Photos: Matt Snow / @tradersnow For image purchase inquiries, please contact: mattclarksnow@gmail.com

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Mini Slabs. photos: Patrick Bremser

Even when the sky is grey and when we are between swells, there area always little playful little waves to get into. Here is a little gallery from the west side the other day. photos: Patrick Bremser

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Rainbow Ceiling Glass. photo: Patrick Bremser

Sometimes the light just hits it right… Photo: Patrick Bremser

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Virtual Trip to Kauai

Santa Cruz is great, as we all know, but let me take you on a quick little journey to Kauai, virtually of course. Kauai has so much to offer including coral reefs, unique plants and animals and beautiful landscapes. Check some of them out! Photos: Kenan Chan

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Flowering Mimosa Plant

This is a Mimosa plant. It is native to Central and South America, and an invasive species in Hawaii. Despite it’s invasive nature, it is one of my favorite plants. It is a small, rather unnoticeable plant unless you know what it looks like. This super rad plant has a unique adaptation that allows it, […]

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