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Looming and still charging. photo: Patrick Bremser

Regardless of the weather in SC, we charge. photo: Patrick Bremser

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Eastside to the westside. photos: P. Bremser

Here is a little late afternoon black and white gallery of waves from the eastside to the westside yesterday. Enjoy! photos: Patrick Bremser

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Green Room

Light winds and relatively clean conditions made for some of this. Check out more photos from before the storm here. Photo: Kenan Chan

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Pre Storm Surf

Now that at least the first part of this so called super storm passed  and left its mark here in Santa Cruz,  like the tree that was uprooted and is now laying on our garage, it’s time to look back at some of the waves that this storm brought. Interested in purchasing a photo, email […]

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Tuesday’s Amazing Morning. photos: P Bremser

Tuesday morning saw some extraordinary moments, both in and out of the water. Here is a little gallery of shots from both places. Enjoy!!! photos: Patrick Bremser

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Anticipation. photo: Patrick Bremser

That moment before diving in, when you are watching overhead waves peel off in the distance and you cant wait to get on one photo: Patrick Bremser

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Monotone Storm. photos: P. Bremser

It is soooooooo nice to listen to the falling of the rain, no matter where it may be. It is a sounds we have not had around much these last few years. These last storms have been welcomed though, for many reasons. The south winds and weather do a number on the surf though, but […]

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