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Carving the glass

Check out the full gallery here: “Sunny Thursday on the North Coast” Photo: Matt Snow / @tradersnow For image purchase inquiries, please contact: mattclarksnow@gmail.com

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Sunny Thursday on the North Coast

On Thursday afternoon, the weather was as perfect as it gets, and there was just enough swell left over for a handful of lucky souls to slide upon just north of town. The only bummer was the decapitated seal that washed up on the beach, serving as a reminder of mother nature’s raw power. Other […]

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Barrels Abound. photos: Patrick Bremser

While the last little swell pulses have not been massive, they hae brought some fun size around the Central Coast. And while school has gone back into session for some of the SC youth, not all are sitting at their desks during the morning glass-off sessions of the grey Santa Cruz summers. Here is a […]

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Picking his line. photo: Patrick Bremser

Soleil Andrews making the drop and about to get shacked. photo: Patrick Bremser

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Monday Madness on the Westside

On Monday afternoon, a handful of surfers paddled out for a sunny session on the westside. The fog had cleared, and the wind was still calm, making it an absolutely beautiful day. Although the waves were small, everyone out in the water seemed to be having a fun time as well. Some of the people […]

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Floating the foam

Check out the full gallery here: “Monday Madness on the Westside” Photo: Matt Snow / @tradersnow For image purchase inquiries, please contact: mattclarksnow@gmail.com  

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Low Tides

During this particular low tide, I met up with Carlos Carpenter and Fisher Baxter to shoot. We knew the waves were not going to be great, but we also knew there would be something. Although the tide wasn’t a negative, it was still super shallow while I was shooting and I ended up sitting, for […]

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Carlos Carpenter: Evening at Steamer Lane

I have taken photos of Carlos quite a few times, but this was the first time shooting him from the water. We both agreed the conditions were not great but we wanted to try and see what we could snag. The kids got some powerful turns and does them with ease. Check out more photos […]

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