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Gliding through the Light

SCWaves Photog and waverider, Sammy Garcia, gliding through the light. photo: Patrick Bremser

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Boogie Nation.

Even with a little lull in the swells, there are gems to be ridden all over town. Local waverider and photographer Sammy Garcia managed to score empty little barrels that were a perfect size for bodyboarding. Here is a gallery of shots from a super fickle little beachbreak in town. Enjoy!!! photos: Patrick Bremser

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Backlit Surf Under a Breathtaking Sky

There is something truly amazing about observing Santa Cruz surfers… On this particular evening the tide was fairly low which allowed for me to capture some artistic edits on the shore at Rockview. One amazing aspect of this local gem is that there is more than one spot to hit the surf here. The best […]

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Up Close and Personal at Steamers Lane

I’ve had some great experiences at Steamers Lane however today seemed exceptionally over the top. I happened to have some time during the “lunch hour” and although shooting mid-day is my least favorite time, I was definitely rewarded. The Surf was beautiful with over head sets hitting the cliffs every 15 seconds or so, mildly […]

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Willie Eagleton Throwing Down

Willie Eagleton cutting up a wave and tossing up some spray. Check out some more photos from this session here. Photos: Kenan Chan / @kenanchan

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Serendipity on a Sunny Day

The other afternoon I got a call from Tyler Payne who said he was coming down to Santa Cruz and asked if I wanted to shoot. With a bit of swell and the beautiful summer-like weather I grabbed an empty memory card and drove down to the beach to meet up with him. It was […]

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Lazy Thursday Afternoon at 41st.

As the day wound down, all manner of waverider young and old grabbed their wetsuits and board of choice to grab a late afternoon session. With summer hours allowing the groms to play after school and before dinner, parents were quick to get them in the water. There was no lack of fun to be […]

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Ghostly Floaters. photo: Patrick Bremser

Ghostly Floaters. Photo: Patrick Bremser

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