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Final Day of the 2014 Oneill CWC. Photo: Matt Snow / @tradersnow

With a decreasing swell, the final day of the 2014 Oneill Coldwater Classic offered up some small rippable waves for competitors to showcase their skills. The morning started off with a few spectators lining the cliffs, however by the time the semi-finals rolled around, a solid crowd had appeared to see the show. Here is […]

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a Sunrise seat. photo: P Bremser

Very few things sweeter than grabbing your favorite warm beverage first thing inthe morning and finding yourself a great seat to watch sunrise from. No doubt this gentleman started his day perfectly watching sunrise over the beautiful surf this clear October morn. photo: Patrick Bremser

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Easy Ridin’ at Dawn on the Eastside. photos: P.Bremser

While folks lined up at the Lane in preparation for the contest, the regulars slid their way through the dawn hours on the eastside like it was their job. One by one, wave by wave, everyone had plenty to ride. Here is a gallery of the dawn crew, doin their thing on a another gorgeous […]

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