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Morning Light. photos: Patrick Bremser

Over the last week, we have had a whole range of weather and swell. From flat to 10ft and pumping. From cloudless skies to mean and brooding storm fronts. Here is a little gallery of moments from a few of those mornings. a few snippets of time inside the barrel or in complete awe. Enjoy!! […]

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Splendid mornings. photo: Patrick Bremser

Winters around here are spectacular for waves and sunrises. And the season for both has begun. this was taken just a couple days ago. Enjoy!! photo: Patrick Bremser

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Should we surf or should we go…. photo: Patrick Bremser

Sometimes it looks like it is working then it isn’t. This was one of those moments. These guys got back in their car with dry wetsuits. It almost looked good. Almost. photo: Patrick Bremser

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Eastside Love. photos: Patrick Bremser

As a photographer on the Central coast, I have an immense amount of amazing material to capture. As a surf photo on the central coast, I always can find a wave somewhere even when it is “flat”. Alothe one of the amazing pieces of being a photog around these parts is the fact that we […]

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Early November

Fall in Santa Cruz has beautiful sunsets and typically fun waves thanks to early Winter swells. After spending some time abroad, it was nice coming back to Fall in Santa Cruz. Here are some photos from early November taken in and around Santa Cruz. Surfers include: Nat Young, Nic Hdez, Alex Birkhofer, and Austin Smith-Ford. Photos: Kenan […]

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When the tide is high…. photos: Patrick Bremser

When the tide is high and the swells are slow, there are still waves. It is Santa Cruz! there are always waves somewhere around here!! Dawn on wednesday morn saw very little swell coming through the maxxing moon high tide. Through the lake like conditions, a few nooks and crannies had some waves. here is […]

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Diamonds in the Skylight. photo: P. Bremser

Sometimes, the light hits the water just right and the ceiling of the wave sparkles like it is filled with diamonds. And one of these is sooooo much cheaper! Wednesday at dawn. Enjoy!!! Photo: Patrick Bremser

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