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A Star is Born: Nic H’Dez

Fresh off a U.S. championship win, Nic H’Dez is ready to take on the world By Neal Kearney | Photos: Billy Watts Santa Cruz has a knack for churning out world-class surf talent. Groomed on the juicy right-hand point breaks, fellows such as Adam Replogle, Chris Gallagher and, just recently, Nat Young have all stamped […]

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SUP Your Way into Fitness

Why stand-up paddleboarding is good for the body and the soul Trying something new can be both exciting and potentially terrifying. When the opportunity arises, it’s not unusual for the fear of failure to cross the mind. Enter stand-up paddleboarding (or SUPing), in which a newbie might fall or struggle. Even I, a self-professed athletic […]

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Santa Cruz Child Adoption Day

For the past 5 years there has been an Adoption Day for Santa Cruz County. On this day the adoption families and the children they want to adopt go to the Watsonville Courthouse to sign papers and celebrate the additions to their families. On this day 16 children were adopted to 13 families. Santa Cruz […]

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Subtlety & Motion: Behind the Lens with Photographer Patrick Trefz

Patrick Trefz is a unique cinematographer-slash-photographer-slash-author whose focus is the blending of surf, surf lifestyle and art. His work has been exhibited across the nation over the last 15 years, from the Los Angeles Film Festival to the New York City Film Festival. As a filmmaker, Trefz has produced three critically acclaimed films—Bicycle Trip, Thread […]

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Steward of our Shores: Save Our Shores

By Joel Hersch Save Our Shores continues to fight for the health of our ocean Santa Cruz’s marine conservation organization, Save Our Shores (SOS), has mobilized thousands of volunteers for beach cleanups over its 30-year history, as well as advocated for policies that help protect the ocean. This summer, it coordinated more than 300 volunteers […]

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What’s Your Deal? Toeing the line with Slackliner, Sara Kaiser

By Jessica M. Pasko | Photos: Yvonne Rew-Falk When Sara Kaiser first tried slacklining during a family vacation in eighth grade, she hated it. But the 22-year-old recent UC Santa Cruz graduate says she had a change of heart while, as a senior in high school, she was reviewing photos from that fateful trip. She […]

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Surfing with a Smile: Autumn Hays

By Neal Kearney Up-and-comer Autumn Hays carves out her place with notable skills and a killer attitude Surfing can be a very selfish sport. Good waves come only in sets, and with alpha males pounding their chests like gorillas in the mist, average Joes, groms and gals can sometimes only hope to get the scraps. […]

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Spotlight: Santa Cruz Local Dani Julien; her experience on the very popular show Naked and Afraid

By: Dani Julien If you had told me a year and a half ago that I would voluntarily spend 3 weeks of my life running around starving, exhausted and naked on an island with nothing but a machete to get me by, I might have taken your temperature and asked what types of hallucinogenics you […]

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