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Aptos teen shows courage in water rescue

Tenaya Greeninger was given the youth hero award by the Red Cross By Calvin Men @calvinmenatwork on Twitter Aptos >> At just 12 years old, Tenaya Greeninger didn’t think much of paddling out into the ocean to rescue two boys stuck in the water. Greeninger, now 14, was awarded the youth hero award by […]

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Point Break LIVE!

Point Break Live! is a spoof of the 1991 blockbuster classic starring Patrick Swayze as Bodhi, the Zen-surfing leader of a gang of bank robbing adrenaline junkies called the Ex-Presidents, and Keanu Reeves as Johnny Utah, an ex-college football star turned undercover FBI Agent. But the best part? YOU CAN BE KEANU!!! That’s right — […]

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Surfer Tackles GMO’s

Kyle Thiermann releases latest Surfing For Change film  Local surfer and wave maker Kyle Thiermann has come a long way since he first graced the cover of Good Times back in 2009. Then, his Surfing For Change series had recently launched with the debut of his first issue-based mini-documentary, Claim Your Change. Today, he has just rolled out his eighth […]

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Big wave surfing: Santa Cruz’s Savannah Shaughnessy first woman to compete in, judge Oregon Pro at Nelscott Reef

By JULIE JAG Santa Cruz Sentinel The drive from Santa Cruz to Lincoln City, Ore. — home to Nelscott Reef and the Dive N’ Surf Oregon Pro big wave surfing contest — takes between 12-16 hours. Savannah Shaughnessy did it in 12 by driving straight through the night, and on Wednesday she plans to make […]

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SCW Spotlight “Kim Mayer”

Santa Cruz Waves chats with the bubbly barrel hunter Kim Mayer. As far as influential local surfers go, we hear a lot about “the boys” of this town. And don’t get me wrong—they’re great. But even the boys would agree that Kim Mayer—with her potent combination of style, wit, power and genuine stoke—gives them a […]

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Costanoa: An Eco Adventure Resort

  Costanoa Up the coast North of Santa Cruz lies a lodge and resort called Costanoa. Santa Cruz Waves wanted to know a little more about Costanoa; so we asked general manager Trevor Bridge a few questions about this pristine area of Central California. SCW: Could you please tell us a bit about the history […]

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DJ of the Month December: DJ Ben Baker

DJ Ben Baker has been consistently getting the dance floor rocking while working at the Santa Cruz DJ Company. The ladies love him and guys admire his musical savvy. He exhibits a great ear for music, a keen eye for photography, and a great arm for disk golf. At the county course in San Lorenzo […]

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Playstation 4 Review at Level Up

Playstation 4 Review The Level Up videogame store, located in downtown Santa Cruz, was kind enough to let me experience the newly released Playstation 4. I had a great time kicking back and testing the new video game system. The controller was slick and the graphics were crystal clear. If you are looking to get […]

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Pleasure Pizza East Side Eatery Review

Pleasure Pizza East Side Eatery Pleasure Pizza East Side Eatery is an excellent restaurant on 41st avenue.  The food is delicious and the walls are decorated with awesome surf motif.  Owner and chef Derek Rupp took a moment to chat with Santa Cruz Waves about what makes the East Side Eatery so special. SCW: How […]

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A toy for the kid in all of us

SANTA CRUZ — A local toy inventor and entrepreneur has created an interactive toy car for kids and adults and launched a new company to bring his creation to market. David Silverglate, a physicist and inventor turned toy designer is no stranger to the world of play things. He created a number of toys, including […]

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Q&A with environmental activist Kyle Thiermann

By: Noah Dundus / Coldwater Press Santa Cruz is an environmentalist town. Not just because of the hippies. But everything. The trees.  Giant primordial redwoods that used come all the way down to the shore. And the coast. There is no Newport Beach two miles away. No Huntington Beach and its hot sand silicone enhanced […]

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Restaurant of the Month November: India Joze

  India Joze When I was a kid, I remember my parents taking me to India Joze. I didn’t enjoy foreign food at that age, but the food there was so delicious, I never complained. The love and attention that is put into the food at India Joze is remarkable. It is my pleasure to […]

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Catching up with Corey Wilson

Santa Cruz Waves picks the brain of Surfing Magazine’s Senior Staff Photographer, Soquel High Graduate, and all around cool cat Mr. Corey “The Cralian” Wilson. SCW:  What’s new in the jet-setting life of Mr. Corey Wilson? Corey: The last couple months have been pretty amazing. Its been non stop traveling since the end of August. […]

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Words to Remember

Words to Remember Gordon Smith taught me so much in such a short time; his advice has helped me though a few situations in my profession.  Now that he has passed, his words ring sharp in my mind. So I will tell you what he taught me. We only spoke twice, once at Takara with […]

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You can’t surf here, go home.

You can’t surf here, go home. I’m tired of all the out of town idiots that come here to surf. All the tranny kooks should beat it. You want directions to Steamers Lane? Take Bay to Mission street, get on the 17 and keep driving. There are so many of them and they’re taking all […]

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Chelito’s Writeup

Chelito’s Next to the Jury Room on Ocean Street is an El Salvadorian and Mexican restaurant that caught my eye. After an extended stay in Mexico I found myself craving authentic and rich foods. After my first meal at Chelito’s, I found that I had stumbled upon a hidden treasure. The meal they prepared for […]

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Restaurant of the Month October: Hoffmann’s

  I often walk by Hoffmann’s Bistro and Patisserie downtown and marvel at the longevity and setup of the business. My younger sister worked at Hoffmann’s for a while and I always enjoyed their delicious food. Recently, more and more of my friends seem to chose Hoffmann’s as a place to go to eat and […]

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NHS celebrates 40 years of skateboarding innovation and the creation of an industry

By Jennifer Pittman Santa Cruz Sentinel SANTA CRUZ — In the early days, before skateboarding had developed beyond a sports fad that cycled through retailers every decade or so, a couple of Santa Cruz surfers were selling board materials and putting together cheap skateboard parts so they could “ride the asphalt” when the waves were […]

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Santa Cruz photographer honors father with time-lapse video

SANTA CRUZ — When Santa Cruz surf photographer Cory Hansen lost his father about four years ago, he fell into a slump. His dad was his best friend, and they explored places like Big Sur, the High Sierra and beaches around Santa Cruz County. “I had a really hard time with it for a long […]

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Tyler Fox: Spear-fishing, Training for Mavericks, and Santa Cruz Waves. By Jake J. Thomas

  I met up with Tyler Fox for our interview during an irregularly long flat spell in Santa Cruz. For the man behind Santa Cruz Waves you might think this poses a problem. Not so. Fox has been busy sailing, spear-fishing and cross-training. He also stays busy leading a team of creative individuals to produce […]

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September Restaurant of the Month: Shadowbrook

I spoke with the owner of Shadowbrook Restaurant, Ted Burke, on a fine summer day. We sat and discussed fine dining in Santa Cruz and throughout the world. As we drank coffee and looked out upon the river our talk went as follows.  SCW:  Congratulations on receiving restaurant of the month.  What’s the most exciting […]

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BY: John Malkin Good Times Santa Cruz In GT’s Living Legends series, one of the most revered spiritual teachers on the planet opens up about self-inquiry and much more. PLUS: The impetus behind her return to Santa Cruz after 20 years. Stop for a moment; notice what you’re thinking. Where do thoughts come from? What […]

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The local boys at FitAid

Life Aid- Local Spot Light LifeAid Beverage Co. is a company created in the heart of Santa Cruz. In this article we take a look into how some local boys broke into the beverage industry. Located on the West Side in the old Wrigley Gum factory, LifeAid produces beverages and has created brands such as […]

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Spotlight Special Buell Wetsuits

Buell Wetsuits I sat down with Ryan Buell at his house to discuss Buell Wetsuits and what’s been going on in the surf industry. We were surrounded by skate ramps and new logo designs for his high performance wetsuits. After our interview, I purchased a 4/3 Buell wetsuit as a birthday present to myself. The […]

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