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This Weekend Only: Elephant Seal Tours

A once-a-year opportunity for extraordinary access to elephant seals during pupping and mating season at Año Nuevo State Park. Avid nature photographers and families get a guided four-mile walk across bluff trails and sand dunes to the viewing area overlooking the beach, packed with hundreds of seals, on a luxurious three-and-a-half-hour schedule. Do not forget […]

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The SS Palo Alto and the Surprising History of Concrete Ships

Concrete Ships: Early Days The oldest known concrete ship was a dingy built in southern France by Joseph Louis Lambot in 1848 and was featured in the 1855 World’s Fair in France. By 1890 there were cement barges and small ships being built by the Italian engineer, Carlo Gabellini. Numerous small concrete boats were built […]

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Master Photog at Museum of Natural History

In his book In The Company of Redwoods, biologist and longtime nature photographer David Casterson explores 50 plants in the redwood community via the process of hand-tinting images. In tonight’s presentation, part of the museum’s monthly Naturalist NIght series, he’ll demonstrate how to use watercolor pencils to create remarkably lovely images while using the process […]

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Hyundai Santa Cruz

Hyundai Motors has released a concept pickup truck with a radical design, and named it after our hometown. The Hyundai Santa Cruz is a mini-truck, designed to replace big gas-guzzlers. It’s powered by a clean-burning 2-liter turbo diesel engine that delivers 190 hp and 300 lb.-ft. of torque—think Volkswagen’s clean-diesel TDI. Where the VW can […]

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ICYMI: The Geologist & The Case of the Scotts Valley Ruins

  Going back through our archives we found this interesting piece of history from a secret location in Scotts Valley. Read on to learn how “The Ruins,” as they’ve been called for decades, sparked the imaginations of fortune seekers and led one scientist to believe there may be oil beneath the Valley of Scotts.   […]

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The Huge Boulders Along the Santa Cruz Shoreline: A Common Coastal Story

If you live along or visit the west coast of California you have likely seen various types of structures designed to stop the coastline from eroding. Two common ways to decrease erosion is to place rip-rap (1-6 ton boulders) along the cliff edges and to construct concrete sea walls. In recent decades these methods of […]

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Girls Rock MTB Ride

Ladies, are you bike-curious? This monthly mountain bike ride could be just the thing for you. Organized by the general manager for helmetmakers Bell and Blackburn, this ride cleverly divides riders into three categories based on experience—and then further divides the groups based on endurance. So yes, Virginia—there is a place for noobs who are […]

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An Easy Friday MTB Ride: Fire Road Fabulous

Santa Cruzans are fortunate to live in a place where extraordinary mountain biking is minutes away. Hilltromper asked longtime local cyclist Brooke Wright (who also writes a surfing column for the Santa Cruz Sentinel) to pick the five most scenic mountain bike rides in the county, and this is one she picked. She named it […]

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