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Big rig crashes off Fishhook bridge in Santa Cruz, driver uninjured

By Stephen Baxter, Santa Cruz Sentinel SANTA CRUZ >> A 62-year-old big rig driver who sailed from the Highway 1 bridge crashing through the concrete guardrail, over the southbound lanes of Highway 17, landing on the northbound lanes walked away uninjured. About 8:10 p.m. Monday, Jose Montil of Michoacan, Mexico said he was driving on […]

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Farewell to Post Office and Aptos Pump Track

It’s news we call knew was coming and still it stung a little to read it “The world famous Post Office Jump Park and the Epicenter Pump Track in Aptos will be closing on February 17, 2015 as part of the construction planning for the new Aptos Village development.”  So read a blogpost yesterday from […]

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Sea Foam: It’s What’s for Dessert!

Storms and high winds along coastlines can produce large masses of sea foam. It can form foamy rafts on the water and pile up on beaches, rocky shores, and cliffs. Sea foam often looks like whip cream on an ice cream sundae, a resemblance that is not exactly a coincidence. Sea foam is typically generated […]

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See the Disco-Dancing Sea Lion Live!

The Seymour Marine Discovery Center is home to two Atlantic bottlenose dolphins,  a harbor seal. and three California sea lions—one of which can dance to disco music.  (Note: UCSC released this video on April 1, 2014. Is Ronan the Dancing Piniped an April Fool’s joke? Find out here! On select Thursdays and Sundays of each […]

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The Naked Truth at Harbin Hot Springs

by Ryan Masters When surrounded by penises you realize that each one is unique. Not unique like the divine delicacy of a snowflake—grotesquely unique like the melting nose of a waxen clown. But still unique. I am soaking in the Meditation Zone, a mid-temperature pool at Harbin Hot Springs, just north of Napa Valley. Above […]

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Monterey Bay researchers capture rare deep-sea anglerfish on video for first time

By Samantha Clark, Santa Cruz Sentinel MOSS LANDING >> The black seadevil is named for its baleful ugliness. With that vicious gape, the females can eat fish of a larger size. To lure her prey, she jerks the luminescent orb dangling from the “fishing rod” on her forehead. The males are tiny in comparison and […]

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Coming Soon: An MTB Wonderland

When the Velocity Bike Park in Felton is completed, it will include a staggering array of mountain biking playground elements: pump tracks for various skill levels, a series of flow trails serviced by a “magic carpet” lift system and a mountain bike skills section with an aerial airbag (which you might have seen at the […]

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California’s giant kelp forests returning to health, environmental group says

By: The Associated Press RANCHO PALOS VERDES >> An environmental group says decimated giant kelp forests in Southern California are returning to health after volunteers removed nearly 2 million urchins that devour the sea plants. The Bay Foundation reports Wednesday that its first year of efforts have restored some 12 ½ acres of kelp forests […]

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