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Sea stars making a comeback: Researchers study reason for die-off

By Leslie Willoughby newsroom@santacruzsentinel.com SANTA CRUZ >> In a twinkle of good news, little sea stars are taking hold in record numbers along the Santa Cruz coast, according to researchers. Their appearance shines as the only encouraging trend since the emergence of sea star wasting syndrome a year ago. The malady continues to wipe out […]

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Woman dies after ocean rescue at Palm Beach outside Watsonville

By Stephen Baxter sbaxter@santacruzsentinel.com @sbaxter_sc on Twitter WATSONVILLE >> Sunny weather helped draw hordes of visitors to Santa Cruz County during Labor Day weekend, but the holiday was marred by the death of a Santa Cruz County woman who was pulled from the surf off Palm Beach. About 10 a.m. Monday, a woman in her […]

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Lighthouse Mystique: It’s All About the Beam.

The lighthouse at Lighthouse Point is an icon to locals and visitors alike. It is rich with history of the lighthouse keepers who raised families there, soldiers stationed there, and a surfer who is memorialized there. But to mariners, it’s all about the beam of light that provides a critical navigation aid. To them, the light […]

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Nautical Parade the star of annual Capitola Begonia Festival

Nautical Parade the star of annual Capitola Begonia Festival By Jessica A. York jyork@santacruzsentinel.com @ReporterJess on Twitter An elaborate lion float with a moving head makes its way underneath the Soquel Creek bridge in Capitola Village on Sunday afternoon during the annual Begonia Festival Nautical Parade. (Kevin Johnson — Santa Cruz Sentinel)” An elaborate lion […]

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Save Our Shores Addresses Trash Problem on North Santa Cruz Beaches

By: Jenna Nicholson Anyone who has visited the beaches just north of Santa Cruz during the summer knows that they are consistently trashed by parties, camping and heavy foot traffic. In order to raise awareness of this issue and restore the beauty of that particular stretch of coastline, Save Our Shores—a Santa Cruz-based nonprofit which […]

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Hurricane Marie causing big waves, flooding in California

SEAL BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Big waves turned into floodwaters Wednesday along the Southern California shore as Hurricane Marie stirred up the surf from far asea. Beachfront properties were inundated with saltwater, and the storm-roiled Pacific knocked out a piling at Malibu Pier. The sea breached oceanfront walls to flood streets and homes. Both Tuesday […]

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Brown Pelicans: Quite the change in Wardrobe

  If you have been to the beach lately, you will have seen a brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis). You might see them flying in large V-shaped squadrons, long chains, smaller groups, or alone. They are the largest bird around; over 4 feet long with a wing span of over 6 ½ feet. They look like […]

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Santa Cruz County Flag: Rainbow Vision

  Did you know that Santa Cruz County has an official flag? And not surprisingly, our flag is strikingly different from all the rest. It is clearly not a requirement for counties to have an official flag; of California’s 58 counties, only 20 have them. Nineteen of them look very official and “governmenty.” They have […]

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