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Model of the Month Gaby

SCW:  Hello Gaby how ya doing?   Gaby: Doing pretty good except dealing with a little bit of a cold right now.  Things could be worse!   SCW: Ahh sorry to hear that!   Been doing too much dancing in the rain and got yourself sick huh?;)   Gaby: Hahah you can say that.   SCW: […]

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Model of the Month Brittany

SCW: Name, age, hometown? BN: Brittany Norris, 28, Folsom, CA SCW: So we know a little about Folsom… it is on the way to Tahoe and you have a prison that Johnny Cash used to play in. Have you even been to the prison? BN: I sure have – but not to stay (laughing) I […]

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February Model of the Month Amanda

SCW: Name?  Hometown? Amanda Ceniseroz, Raised in Capitola, residing in Prunedale now. SCW: Describe your ideal day in Santa Cruz. Amanda: My ideal day in Santa Cruz would be a sunny day down at the beach with friends. Getting our bronze on followed by drinks and a BBQ! SCW: Have been on any adventures lately? […]

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Miss January 2014 Krista Marie

Photographer Credits: Imagine by Tyler Jeanette Kelly Kyer Wiltshire Neil Simmons Derek Bahn Santa Cruz Shredder Randy B Photography Devin T Photography   SCW: Name, age, hometown?   Krista Marie, 20, Santa Cruz Mountains   SCW: We hear you are passionate about dance; please tell us a little about that?   Krista Marie: Music is […]

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December Model of the Month Tiana

SCW: Favorite thing about growing up Santa Cruz? My favorite thing about growing up in Santa Cruz is the laid back lifestyle. I’m a complete beach bum, not to mention how insanely beautiful it is here. Not a lot of people are lucky enough to spend their entire life with the ocean as their front […]

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November Model of the Month: Savannah

SCW:Name? Hometown? Currently reside? SK: Savannah K, from Oroville, CA (aka Chico, California’s neighbor) I live in Boulder Creek but play in Santa Cruz! SCW: How long have you been modeling? SK: I started building my portfolio January of this year SCW: In the spirtis of Halloween. What is your favorite costume all time? SK: […]

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October Model of the Month: Emily

Recently I ran into Emily and her friends at Suda, she moved away to Hawaii for a while and now she is back in Santa Cruz enjoying some time here. Emily graciously accepted our proposal for her to be the Model of the Month October. Thank you Emily, what follows is our interview.  SCW: Name, […]

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September Model of the Month Yvonne

SCW: Name?  Hometown?  Currently reside? Yvonne.  Santa Cruz.  I’m currently a gypsy.  I don’t have a permanent home at the moment.  I’m staying in Live Oak right now.  I grew up on the West Side and will be living back there soon.  I kind of like the freedom of being a gypsy. SCW:  Would you […]

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August model of the month Chanelle

SCW: Name? Age? Currently reside? Chanelle Tuck, 23, I sleep in Scotts Valley but live in Santa Cruz. SCW: Where did you grow up and what brought you to Santa Cruz? Chanelle:  My family and I moved to Santa Cruz when I was eight and I grew up in the Live Oak area. We moved […]

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July Model of the Month: Kathryn

SCW: Name, age, hometown. Kathryn: Kathryn Kirby, 24, Santa Cruz. SCW: Cangrats on being awarded Model of the Month. Where did you grow up and when did you start getting interested in modeling? Kathryn: I grew up in Aptos right off of Hidden Beach. Went to Aptos High, went to Cabrillo, I just graduated from […]

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June Model of the Month: Sylvia

Photo Credit: Sylvia Krzysztofek SC Waves: Name, age, hometown? Sylvia Krzysztofek, Chicago, 26 SC Waves: So what brought you to Santa Cruz? Sylvia: I moved out here because my boyfriend got a job in Silicon Valley and I fell in love with the ocean and nature and Santa Cruz felt right! Luckily, I’ve always wanted […]

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May Model of the Month: Makayla

May Model of the Month Makayla Ashmore. Name, age, and hometown.   Makayla: My name’s Makayla Ashmore, I’m 21, and I’m from Newark.   SCW: What school are you going to and what’s your major?   Makayla: I’m going to California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo. My major is liberal studies and I chose my major […]

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April Model of the Month Deana

SCW: Hometown and where do you currently reside?   Born and raised in Soquel! Currently residing in good ol’ Capitola.   SCW: We hear you are quite the adventure seeker… What was your latest trip?   I suppose you could say that, I just returned from an epic trip to Death Valley National Park. I […]

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March Model of the Month: Sahara

Photos: Molly Gilholm SC Waves: Name, age, hometown? Sahara Ray, 20 year old and I was born in Torquay Australia, but I grew up in Santa Cruz CA. SC Waves: So being the daughter of Australian pro surfer has its benefits…do you have duel citizenship? Sahara Ray: Yes sir I do! SC Waves: We are jealous! […]

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Protected: February Model of The Month: Vicky

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Miss January 2013. Jessica Vo

SCW: Name, hometown, currently reside?   Jessica Vo.  Originally from Fremont, but moved to Santa Cruz six years ago for school and decided to make this town my home. SCW:  Okay first things first!  Are you a Giants or A’s fan?   JV:  Definitely a die hard A’s fan.  Since I’m from Fremont, I grew […]

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December Model of the Briana Kai

Photos: Ben Ingram-Santa Cruz Waves SCW: Briana, you are a woman of many talents including music, yoga, modeling and film missions. We will let you choose where you want to start? Briana Kai: Music is my number one right meow(laughs). SCW: Okay cool; we recently saw a music video with reggae legend Junior Reid ft. […]

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Model of the Month: Linda Diane

Photos: Tim Cattera Photography SCW: Name? Hometown? Currently reside? Linda Diane: My name is Linda Diane. I was born in Georgia, moved here from Florida, and now live in beautiful Santa Cruz. SCW: Oh wow and East Coaster, what brought you to Santa Cruz form across the country? Linda Diane: I graduated college and needed […]

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September Model of The Month: Mari

SCW:  Name?  Hometown? Currently reside?   Mari (pronounced Mary) Younger, Capitola, Aptos. SCW:  What do you do in your spare time?   MY:  I cook, workout, run, swim and hang out with a Russian. SCW:  Any plans once you move to Hawaii?   MY:  Yes, go to the beach, learn to spearfish, eat fish, make […]

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August Model of the Month: Kayla

  SCW: Name? Hometown? Currently Reside?   KI: My name is Kayla Iaquinto (eye-quin-TOE). I grew up in San Jose, CA and I just recently moved to Campbell, CA.   SCW:  Well, since you spelled your last name phonetically, I must ask where it originates from?   KI: My dad’s side is 100% Italian. I’m […]

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July Model of the Month: Angie

SCW: Name?  Hometown?  Currently reside?   Angie Savage.  Santa cruz :)  Hollywood Hills, CA.   SCW: Growing up in the Santa Cruz area what were some of your favorite things to do?     Angie: My best memories were always at the beach. My girlfriends and I used to walk from Capitola Village to 26th Ave […]

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June Model of the Month: Autumn

  SCW: Name? Hometown? Where do you currently reside?   My name is Autumn Allen and I was born in Los Gatos, CA, and I’m still living here today.   SCW: Any plans to try a new place to call home any time soon?   Autumn: Well I’m a full time Biology student right now, […]

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May Model of the Month: Casie

      SCW: Name?  Hometown?  Currently reside?   CH: Casie Hinkle. Grants Pass, OR.  Santa Cruz, and Southern Oregon for the summer.   SCW: You have great style out on the waves… When did you first get into surfing?   CH: Thanks!  My dad introduced me to surfing around nine years old, although I […]

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March Model of the Month: Sara

  SCW:   Name?  Hometown? Currently reside?   SJ:  Sara Rachelle Johnson, no hometown, Boulder Creek, CA.   SCW:   No hometown?? How about home planet?   SJ:   Haha!  I was born in Portland but I’ve never lived in any one place long enough for it to be my “hometown.”   SCW: So you are quite the […]

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