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Avoid This Evil Plant

While you’re playing outside this Memorial Day Weekend, keep an eye out for poison oak, which is green, lush and sometimes shiny this time of year. It’s a good idea to keep a bottle of Tecnu or a bar of Marie’s Poison Oak soap at home just in case you get some on you, but […]

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Santa Cruz Longboard Invitational

The Santa Cruz Longboard Union likes it long and slow, and so will you after a weekend gaping at the masses of longboarders hanging 10 at the Lane during this, the world’s oldest longboard contest. Contest runs Saturday and Sunday with $2 raffle tickets and a chance to win one of 12 longboards, Go Pro […]

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Master The Pullup

The pull-up is one of the most versatile, yet extremely difficult exercises to perform. Pull ups are great for building strength and mass as well as super effective for building lat muscles. It requires many different things to come together at the same time. Proper form and strength are required. And, like most things, practice […]

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Santa Cruz Blues Festival embraces country and morphs into the American Music Festival

One of the hottest new names on the blues scene is Yugoslavian-born Ana Popovic. By Wallace Baine, Santa Cruz Sentinel  The Santa Cruz American Music Festival When: Saturday and Sunday. Gates open at 10 a.m. Music starts at 11 a.m. and goes until about 7 p.m. Where: Aptos Village Park, Aptos. Tickets: $65 single day, […]

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Whales: Still Migrating in May

In May marine mammals are reproducing and/or still migrating. Some have already given birth but are still heading north towards summer feeding grounds. May is typically a time of upwelling nutrients along the California Coast and this feeds the food chain creating dense schools of small fishes, squid, and krill that attract migrating gray, humpback […]

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Measuring Waves: An Alternative Scale?

Photo- © Red Bull Media House Measuring Waves: An Alternative Scale? 8 foot and peeling, double overhead, 4 foot Hawaiian? Judging and communicating wave sizes can be a tricky business – different scales and methods abound, and everyone has their own peculiarities. Some surfers tend to exaggerate like fishermen (it was THIS big!), while the […]

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Birds on The Neighborhood Watch

The birds of the forest have evolved their own version of the neighborhood watch. One of the forest’s most vocal birds, the black-capped chickadee (pictured above), is known for fearlessly “mobbing” predators. Chickadees often surround and harass a hawk with their strident chick-a-dee call until it leaves. Now, studies suggest that chickadees and other songbirds […]

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Getting to Second Base with Myself

By David Dennis I have a love/hate relationship with breasts. Love because, well, breasts. Hate because I used to have a pair. After putting on some weight a while back, my son, Jacob, 13 at the time, informed me that I was able get to second base with myself. I began counting calories a few […]

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