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Celebrate Wilder Ranch Tomorrow

Story and Photos by Molly Lautamo It’s easy to fall in love with Wilder Ranch State Park. The park tells a gripping tale of the interaction between humans and nature connecting us all to this swath of unique land. To tell this tale, Wilder Ranch has for years been a model state park, offering guided […]

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The Great White Count

By Joel Hersch | Photos courtesy of Pelagic Shark Research Foundation The quest among researchers to better understand the Pacific’s great white shark population stirs debate For surfers in California, there is a feeling of deep reverence that comes with knowing that one of the ocean’s top predators, the great white shark, is liable to […]

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Surfing Notes: Coldwater, Mavericks Opening Ceremony on tap this week

Titans of Mavericks opening ceremony set for Friday By Sentinel staff Event organizers have made the official call for this year’s O’Neill Coldwater Classic Invitational, with surfers scheduled to compete Wednesday and Thursday at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz. Competition will begin between 7:30 and 8 a.m. both days. Wednesday has the best forecast with […]

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Santa Cruz’s Early Parties: The Venetian Water Carnival

The Venetian Water Carnival was an annual event along the San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz, California, from 1895 to 1927. It was based on water carnivals in Venice, Italy. The City fathers hoped it would bolster the idea that Santa Cruz was the “Florence of the West.” At a time when hardly anyone had […]

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October Restaurant of the Month: Kianti’s

Kianti’s is known as a hot spot for mouth watering Italian food to locals and tourists alike. That is why we have awarded Kianti’s our October Restaurant of the Month. To learn more about Kianti’s, Santa Cruz Waves interviewed owners and long time friends Kelly Kissee and Tracy Parks-Barber who explained how they were able […]

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Tomorrow the Sun Goes Dark. Almost.

According to National Geographic, when the deepest, darkest part of the moon’s shadow—the “umbra”—aligns perfectly with the sun we get a total eclipse. This Thursday, Oct. 23, we’ll be seeing the moon’s wider shadow cone, or “penumbra,” cross the solar disc, so—not that perfect alignment. Nat Geo says this is a great warm-up for the […]

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Joey Wolfe & Paradigm Sport

Joey Wolfe is a man with a vision. This was apparent as he led the way through a construction zone that will soon be his new gym, Paradigm Sport. He was talking about the future as though it were already here. As Wolfe described the various sections planned for his state-of-the-art workout center—which is the […]

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What you need to know about added sugar

Sure, sugar tastes amazing, but it’s not exactly the most amazing thing for your body. Actually upon further discovery it avoiding sugar altogether would be best for the body. This is harder than it sounds as sugar is in everything! What is added sugar? I’ll tell you. Sugar or Sucrose is made of two simple […]

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