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Robert Louis Stevenson’s Year in California

By Ryan Masters If Robert Louis Stevenson  had surfed, he would have scored. He was more or less an actively failing writer when the train dropped him off among the sand dunes and oak scrub outside Monterey, California in August 1879. Autumn is the golden season for surfers in California. Large swells frequently pound the coast between […]

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10 home exercises to try this winter

It’s officially winter and that means that it’s colder and darker in the mornings. Getting motivated to go to the gym can be harder than usual but it is no excuse not to workout. Try these exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home. So put on your sweatpants and keep the […]

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Hail to The King Tide!

Every year it happens three times, usually in December, January and February: extraordinarily high (and therefore extraordinarily low) tides. We call them King Tides, and here in Santa Cruz, it’s become a favorite winter pastime to take a stroll down West Cliff or East Cliff under a moody winter sky and see the treasures the […]

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Eight Weeks

by: Tom Mahony pacificoffering@sbcglobal.net www.tommahony.net My right testicle survived exactly 41 years. It was removed, along with a seven-centimeter malignant tumor, on my birthday. The surgeon insisted I stay landlocked for at least eight weeks because surfing could rip my internal stitches and ruin his handiwork. I respected his opinion and appreciated his efforts, but […]

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Backpacking Beer & Other Outdoor Gifts

Got a special recreationista on your list? Get that boy or girl something good this year! We’ve got stuff related to biking, surfing, backpacking, climbing and seeing in the dark. Plus enjoying a cold one after a long day on the trail. Check it out: Moved By Bikes Surf Racks & Dog Runner Grommets, dog […]

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San Lorenzo Park: Bowling on the Floodplain

All of downtown Santa Cruz is essentially built on the natural floodplain of the San Lorenzo River. Structures to control flooding along the river have been built since the 1860s. Bulkhead Street, just north of the clock tower, occupies the exact ground of an 1860s era bulkhead or dyke meant to keep water out of […]

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‘Girls Rock’ Women’s MTB Ride Sunday!

  Take a break from the holiday crazy and get some fun in. The last Girls Rock ride drew 70 women together to storm the heights of Wilder Ranch State Park—a sight to behold! Tomorrow, Dec. 14, the looks to be a smaller group but no less fun. The ride takes place at Fort Ord, […]

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Gary Griggs, Our Ocean Backyard: What’s going on with Fukushima radiation?

By Gary Griggs, Our Ocean Backyard On March 11, 2011 at 2:46 p.m., the first of three sequential disasters struck the northeast coast of Japan. The first was a magnitude 9.0 earthquake generated when the Pacific plate slid west beneath the Eurasian plate along a subduction zone 45 miles offshore. This was the largest earthquake […]

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