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Dandelion Tea

Dandelion Tea written by Shar’ron Strasser of Pleasure Point Yoga Dandelion tea Typically considered a weed or nuisance plant dandelions are actually often a overlooked food source. All parts of the plant are edible – including the flowers. This plant holds many vitamins and the flowers have antioxidant properties. The greens of the dandelion plant […]

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3 Reasons Yoga Heals Lower Back Pain

3 Reasons Yoga Heals Lower Back Pain written by Arthur Coulston of Pleasure Point Yoga If you haven’t had lower back pain before, consider yourself very lucky. Most adults in the U.S. will suffer from lower back pain at some time in their life, many for years at a time. My suffering began at age 17 when […]

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Optimal Energy

Optimal Energy written by Delaney Puhek of Pleasure Point Yoga Sugar, whether we stir it in our morning brew, or mix it into dough for a late-night dessert, it’s a tough substance to avoid in anyone’s diet. I recently took the plunge to cut sugar from my diet. Now as a nutritionist, you’d think that this was already the […]

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Everyday Extraordinary: Harnessing!

 Everyday Extraordinary: Harnessing written by Jessie Hess of Pleasure Point Yoga Spring is here and moving through us. It is a season of growth and change – energy that is both spontaneous and creative. Experiencing this energy can be exhilarating yet chaotic, even unsustainable – a disorganized spiraling out into the ether. To reap the […]

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5 ways to Increase your Metabolism

“Metabolism refers to biochemical processes that occur with any living organism – including humans – to maintain life,” as defined succinctly by Medical News Today. “These biochemical processes allow us to grow, reproduce, repair damage, and respond to our environment.” In layman’s terms, the metabolism makes the body GO. There are many of factors that […]

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The Importance of tracking your heart rate

Most workout enthusiasts and athletes have taken the opportunity to learn what their resting and maximum heart rate is as well as tracking it while they exercise. But is this really essential to working out? Yes and no, it really depends on what one’s fitness goals are. It’s not mandatory, of course, but most trainers […]

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Giving back: Good for your heart & Your Health

Giving and receiving is a major theme this time of year and some of us hesitate to go along with the purchasing and receiving of gifts as it may reflect more on America’s incredible consumerism then the actual giving from the heart. The idea that one needs ‘the next best thing’ to keep up with […]

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Stay Fit During the Fall

Fall is here, the weather is changing and it is getting colder. But, it is still important to keep up your habits of working out especially with all of the delicious holiday food and sweets that are associated with this season. With the excess of indulgent foods, it’s important to include fat burning exercises into […]

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