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Dandelion Tea

Dandelion Tea written by Shar’ron Strasser of Pleasure Point Yoga Dandelion tea Typically considered a weed or nuisance plant dandelions are actually often a overlooked food source. All parts of the plant are edible – including the flowers. This plant holds many vitamins and the flowers have antioxidant properties. The greens of the dandelion plant […]

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Optimal Energy

Optimal Energy written by Delaney Puhek of Pleasure Point Yoga Sugar, whether we stir it in our morning brew, or mix it into dough for a late-night dessert, it’s a tough substance to avoid in anyone’s diet. I recently took the plunge to cut sugar from my diet. Now as a nutritionist, you’d think that this was already the […]

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Everyday Extraordinary: Harnessing!

 Everyday Extraordinary: Harnessing written by Jessie Hess of Pleasure Point Yoga Spring is here and moving through us. It is a season of growth and change – energy that is both spontaneous and creative. Experiencing this energy can be exhilarating yet chaotic, even unsustainable – a disorganized spiraling out into the ether. To reap the […]

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Changing Habits and Homemade Energy Bars

Everyone seems to have a favorite energy bar, whether it be a Luna bar, Cliff Bar, or Nature Valley crumbs-everywhere bar. They are a quick, easy and healthy choice…right? Store-bought granola and energy bars are often packed with excess amounts of sugar and unnecessary oil. The second ingredient in many bars is cane syrup or […]

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Grasshoppers: Yoga for Kids

Grasshoppers: Yoga for Kids ~ written by Kayla Copeland of Pleasure Point Yoga Imagine beginning your yoga journey at 6, 7, …8 years old. or simply incorporating light stretching and calming breathing techniques into your way of life. That’s what these kids are up to. Practicing simple vinyasa sequences as well as light pranayama (breathing) kids at Pleasure […]

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Some healthy recipes can taste, well, too healthy. Dessert should taste like dessert, but it shouldn’t leave you feeling sick. Your meals shouldn’t hurt your body, they should help it! Food can either be the slowest form of poison or the most powerful medicine. When you supply your body with the right fuel, you will […]

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Finding Balance

Finding Balance Pleasure Point Yoga Delaney Puhek   With sweat dripping down my face, feeling frustrated and slipping on my mat the forearm balance has always been a struggle for me in my yoga practice. Through years of practice, with good intention I learned forearm balance, or pincha mayurasana. Not by force, or strain but […]

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A balanced Vegetarian Diet

Where does our food come from? The industrialization of our food sources has resulted in a huge disconnect from the farms that produce our food. As light is shed on factory farming and animal confinement practices, rejection of these unhealthy sources of food has resulted in several solutions. Eating locally and responsibly raised animals from […]

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