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Master The Pullup

The pull-up is one of the most versatile, yet extremely difficult exercises to perform. Pull ups are great for building strength and mass as well as super effective for building lat muscles. It requires many different things to come together at the same time. Proper form and strength are required. And, like most things, practice […]

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3 Reasons Yoga Heals Lower Back Pain

3 Reasons Yoga Heals Lower Back Pain written by Arthur Coulston of Pleasure Point Yoga If you haven’t had lower back pain before, consider yourself very lucky. Most adults in the U.S. will suffer from lower back pain at some time in their life, many for years at a time. My suffering began at age 17 when […]

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Cardio Variations

We all know those people who are avid runners and gush about all of the health benefits. However, for some of us, running (or cardio for that matter) may be the last thing we want to do. The truth is, cardio (referring to the cardiovascular system), or aerobic (meaning with oxygen) exercise is extremely beneficial […]

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Optimal Energy

Optimal Energy written by Delaney Puhek of Pleasure Point Yoga Sugar, whether we stir it in our morning brew, or mix it into dough for a late-night dessert, it’s a tough substance to avoid in anyone’s diet. I recently took the plunge to cut sugar from my diet. Now as a nutritionist, you’d think that this was already the […]

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Everyday Extraordinary: Harnessing!

 Everyday Extraordinary: Harnessing written by Jessie Hess of Pleasure Point Yoga Spring is here and moving through us. It is a season of growth and change – energy that is both spontaneous and creative. Experiencing this energy can be exhilarating yet chaotic, even unsustainable – a disorganized spiraling out into the ether. To reap the […]

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Grasshoppers: Yoga for Kids

Grasshoppers: Yoga for Kids ~ written by Kayla Copeland of Pleasure Point Yoga Imagine beginning your yoga journey at 6, 7, …8 years old. or simply incorporating light stretching and calming breathing techniques into your way of life. That’s what these kids are up to. Practicing simple vinyasa sequences as well as light pranayama (breathing) kids at Pleasure […]

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Finding Balance

Finding Balance Pleasure Point Yoga Delaney Puhek   With sweat dripping down my face, feeling frustrated and slipping on my mat the forearm balance has always been a struggle for me in my yoga practice. Through years of practice, with good intention I learned forearm balance, or pincha mayurasana. Not by force, or strain but […]

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Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival Geared Up This Week

This weekend, Santa Cruz became host to the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival. The event was packed with gear junkies and cyclists from all over the county. The Counties top vendors such as Cycle Works, The Adventure Outdoor Journal, Santa Cruz Core, Epic Center Cycling and Velocity Bike Parks turned the San Lorenzo park into […]

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