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4 Kick-Butt Glute Workouts to Tone your Tushy

Who doesn’t want a strong butt? The glutes help you run better, jump stronger, and a toned glute has a certain aesthetic appeal. Your Butt is made up of 3 main Gluteal muscles; the gluteus maximus muscle, gluteus medius muscle and gluteus minimus muscle. Achieving that perfect beach booty is a struggle for many, but […]

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Post Natal Yoga: What new moms need to know.

Many women look to yoga for flexibility and strength during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is very popular and beneficial for both mother and baby. For postpartum new mothers need to be cautious about returning to their yoga practice. It is best for new moms to wait approximately six months before returning to a full practice, as […]

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Anchor Paddleboards

After a day at the Santa Cruz Harbor stand up paddleboarding on Anchor Paddleboards, we decided to learn more about the company. I met up with Jay at Anchor Paddleboards, what follows is our interview. SCW: How long has Anchor Paddleboards been in business and how did you get started? Jay: Anchor Paddleboards was started […]

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5 Benefits of Interval training

Who wouldn’t want to be in the best shape of their life? Achieving weight loss, body sculpting, or athletic performance, or general fitness it all takes a significant amount of time and energy. By adding interval training into your fitness routine or just starting out with it, an individual will see amazing benefits. Interval training […]

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Surfing: 4 lower body stretches to improve your carve

As a trainer, I’ve worked with quite a wide array of athletes from professional football players, triathletes, endurance racers, youth athletes, and of course, surfers. As a surfer myself, I know the toll it can take on the entire body if I am not careful. The key is to not to overlook soft tissue, knee, […]

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Hydration: 4 Important things to know.

We all know that staying hydrated is super important. We’ve heard it time and time again. But, according to Medical Daily, 75% of Americans are living in a chronic state of dehydration. So, while we know that we need to be getting 10 cups of water a day, as recommended by The Institute of Medicine, […]

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The Mind/Body connection and 3 ways to strengthen it

I got to catch up with Lyndsey, a personal trainer at my work, and she gave me some incredible insight in to the mind/body connection and how to strengthen it. Here’s what she had to say. It’s incredible how the entire body is connected. If you twist your ankle you may end up with hip […]

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