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By: Aimee Nitzberg At times everything comes together.  There is connection and flow with movement in time and space, so that even though everything changes due to the nature of impermanence there still remains a beautiful, balanced, fluid harmony.  One day a week, the teachers at Pleasure Point Yoga come together for a group practice.  […]

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Work Workouts

Sitting Is the New Smoking! Stay Healthy With Workday Workouts: Easy Exercises to do at your desk. By Jaimi Ellison “Work” used to imply demanding physical work and a lot of hard labor. For most of us, however, it’s more likely that we will spend the majority of our work day not breaking a sweat. […]

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Working Out: Tips for Beginners

Do you want to make changes toward good health, but don’t know where to begin? Working out at a gym is a great place to start. The benefits of working out are plentiful. Weight loss is a famous perk, as well as increased muscle tone, better sleep, and deeper relaxation. Depending on your case, other […]

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Benefits of Hiking vs. Running

Running can be hard on the joints, in fact 6 times your bodyweight is applied to the joints when running. For individuals who want to get up and outside but don’t want as much stress on the body hiking can be a great alternative. Cardio doesn’t have to be running. If you enjoy it, running […]

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The Importance of tracking your heart rate

Most workout enthusiasts and athletes have taken the opportunity to learn what their resting and maximum heart rate is as well as tracking it while they exercise. But is this really essential to working out? Yes and no, it really depends on what one’s fitness goals are. It’s not mandatory, of course, but most trainers […]

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What is Hanson Muscle Therapy

Clients and patients achieve results they never thought possible! Hanson Muscle Therapy (HMT) is a unique form of muscle testing and manual therapy that has provided pain relief to over 20,000 patients since 1994. Created by Tobe Hanson HMT founder, Kinesiologist & Muscle Therapist, it’s a service that has been sought out by surgeons, trainers, […]

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10 home exercises to try this winter

It’s officially winter and that means that it’s colder and darker in the mornings. Getting motivated to go to the gym can be harder than usual but it is no excuse not to workout. Try these exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home. So put on your sweatpants and keep the […]

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Three steps to a 6-pack

We all want it. A lovely 6 pack for the summer time and in the winter it is hard to think of it when bundled in layers of clothes. For most, however, it’s a challenge and the majority of people see no results even with vigorous exercise. What are we doing wrong? Why can’t we […]

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