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The local boys at FitAid

Life Aid- Local Spot Light LifeAid Beverage Co. is a company created in the heart of Santa Cruz. In this article we take a look into how some local boys broke into the beverage industry. Located on the West Side in the old Wrigley Gum factory, LifeAid produces beverages and has created brands such as […]

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Beauty is Who You Are

Allie Amanda stays in shape. She’s a fitness enthusiast. Part of what makes this place so amazing is the natural beauty we find all around us. Allie prefers to get her exercise outside when she can, and you can see why. Beauty is not something that you can measure, or that you can force. Beauty […]

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Pure Pleasure and the health benefits of sex

There is absolutely no doubt that sex is an undeniable part of who we are. It is as important to our well-being as eating well and exercise. It is incomparable in the way that it connects us to other human beings, and between consenting adults, it can be an extraordinary experience that bonds us, frees […]

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Zen and the Art of Paddling

So much of what we do on a day-to-day basis in modern life is done on mindless auto-pilot. We work, eat, sleep, and live out our lives with so little conscious engagement that we are at risk of becoming the zombies that we find so ceaselessly entertaining in books, movies, and on TV. And this mindlessness often […]

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Thousands gather at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for free workout Sunday

By Bonnie Horgos Santa Cruz Sentinel Photo: Dan Coyro Santa Cruz Sentinel SANTA CRUZ — Beneath a blanket of fog, fitness junkies broke a sweat Sunday afternoon outside the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Casino Arcade. Billy Blanks, a fitness guru and inventor of Tae Bo — a total body fitness system that incorporates Martial Arts […]

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Relax, you’ve got plenty of air to spare

As a Santa Cruz transplant, I did not grow up near the water. It took a stoked ex-girlfriend who surfed better than I could to get me motivated enough to drive over the hill to get wet. But now, a few years hence, having moved to Santa Cruz I’ve been fully converted and have been […]

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Fun. Fresh. Fungus.

Have you ever walked past a mushroom and thought to yourself, “I wonder if I could eat that”? I recommend that you do not. That said, there are many of experienced mushroom foragers out there who are extremely experienced and capable of identifying edible mushrooms. Foraging is a skill that, like all skills, is developed […]

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Pleasure Point Yoga – Yoga for health, accessibility, and enjoyment.

It’s never difficult to find a Yoga studio in Santa Cruz, but anyone who has ever practiced this mind body exercise knows that finding the right fit is just as important as the practice itself.  Having instructors that transpose bodily and spiritual discontent into holistic health can be a rarity and worth searching for.    The […]

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National Running Day: June 6th

Running in Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos and beyond: The Heart of Running   The official National Running Day website:   Oh, and by the way, it’s also National Yo-Yo day.  Can you run and YoYo at the same time?

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Swimming! It’s not just for fun anymore.

    Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming… Growing up in my household, if you didn’t know how to swim or didn’t like it, you were probably not blood related.  I truly don’t remember not knowing how to swim or if there was even option to stay out of the water.  We didn’t just swim here and there, […]

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And the Results are In: Davenport Downwind Ryders Cup

  The weather this Saturday couldn’t have been more cooperative as seventy gnar-gnar athletes took part in the third annual Quicksilver Waterman Collection Davenport Downwind Ryders Cup; an event put on by Ghostryders Watermans Club.   These seriously dedicated men and women gathered at Davenport Landing with their paddleboards in tow for the 1:30pm start […]

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GRWC Downwind Ryders Cup, May 19th


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Groovin’ to Zumba

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Fresh Water Wonders at Big Basin State Park

  Getting into the ocean always does a body good, but if you’re interested in taking in taking a temporary break from the saltwater, check out the fresh water wonders of Big Basin State Park.  Located about 25 miles up Highway 9 and the taking State Route 236 from downtown Santa Cruz, Big Basin is […]

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Santa Cruz Running

Santa Cruz Running:  “The Heart of Santa Cruz”   Growing up I played a wide array of sports such as basketball, softball, gymnastics and swimming. I sincerely believe that being active in sports in my youth is why I continue to live an active and healthy lifestyle into my adulthood.  There was a point in […]

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A Backpacker’s Paradise: The Lost Coast, Humboldt

A Backpacker’s Paradise: The Lost Coast, Humboldt California   Spring is fast approaching and warmer weather is coming; where will you go to enjoy it?  When most of us think of “vacation,” we dream of the tropics with sandy beaches, warm water, and margaritas; but with airfare becoming more unreasonable by the month, why pay […]

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Santa Cruz Half Marathon

  The Santa Cruz Half Marathon presented by BODYARMOR SUPER DRINK consists of a 13.1-mile run/walk along scenic West Cliff Drive past breathtaking vistas of the Pacific coastline. Runners then pass through the surrounding neighborhoods and make their way west along a paved path through strawberry fields, past historic farm buildings to Wilder Ranch Sate […]

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Jr. Guards and the Community

  Junior Guards doesn’t start for another three months, but enrollment is just around the corner.  I’m a “fan” of Capitola Guards on Facebook, so today I received notification that on March 19th priority registration begins.  I’m not sure that this information is very “newsworthy,” but I think a good portion of us can relate […]

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SCW Does Tai Chi

  Taijiquan or Tai Chi pronounced (ty-chee) is a common form of martial arts that most people have heard about, but don’t quite understand what it is and why it’s so important for your health. I briefly practiced Tai Chi while pregnant with my second child. After the birth of my son I stopped practicing, […]

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Power Surfing

   Tips on becoming a more powerful surfer   As a surfer, your legs, and body are constantly dealing with dynamic forces generated from varying board movements depending on the slant of thewave face, air dropping, turning, and body positioning…. All the movements that make you a powerful surfer. When your body is dealing with these […]

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Getting the most of your surf experience with Scott Adams

How to: Surf Stronger with Scott Adams.   Scott is a lifelong California surfer and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist as well as one of the designers of Surf Stronger.  Adams has trained professionally for over 12 years and holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology. His easy-going yet technical approach to training makes him […]

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Aylana Zanville – PROFILED

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