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River Cafe

Early in the morning I love to check out River Café for their incredibly fresh food. The meals include seasonally fresh vegetables and delicious food purchased from local farms. The café has a welcoming feel to it and is a wonderful place to relax while enjoying your meal. It’s simply is a place where you […]

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A chat with Ronald of Windmill Farm

  Santa Cruz is blessed to be in such a fertile farm area.  Add to that the healthy trending towards organic small farms who produce some of the most vibrant, delicious produce and it makes perfect sense to shop at the Farmers Markets.  Many people are eating seasonal and shopping local.  So I was delighted […]

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The True Olive Connection

Located on Lincoln Street downtown, is a local store dedicated to fine olive oil and balsamic vinegars. I love dipping fresh Francese bread into oil and vinegar so I had to learn more about the True Olive Connection. The staff was super friendly and helped me decide which oils and vinegars I should try. The […]

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Costanoa: An Eco Adventure Resort

  Costanoa Up the coast North of Santa Cruz lies a lodge and resort called Costanoa. Santa Cruz Waves wanted to know a little more about Costanoa; so we asked general manager Trevor Bridge a few questions about this pristine area of Central California. SCW: Could you please tell us a bit about the history […]

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Restaurant of the Month October: Hoffmann’s

  I often walk by Hoffmann’s Bistro and Patisserie downtown and marvel at the longevity and setup of the business. My younger sister worked at Hoffmann’s for a while and I always enjoyed their delicious food. Recently, more and more of my friends seem to chose Hoffmann’s as a place to go to eat and […]

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The local boys at FitAid

Life Aid- Local Spot Light LifeAid Beverage Co. is a company created in the heart of Santa Cruz. In this article we take a look into how some local boys broke into the beverage industry. Located on the West Side in the old Wrigley Gum factory, LifeAid produces beverages and has created brands such as […]

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Gretchen Wegrich, Stoked and Broke: O’Neill partners with South African nonprofit to create a better future for Durban street children

With the help of O’Neill, a South African nonprofit called Umthombo is changing the lives of homeless children in South Africa one wave at a time. Umthombo, which means “wellspring” in the Nguni languages of Southern Africa, was founded in 1998 by British surfer and human rights activist Tom Hewitt and his wife, Bulelwa Mandisa […]

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Beauty is Who You Are

Allie Amanda stays in shape. She’s a fitness enthusiast. Part of what makes this place so amazing is the natural beauty we find all around us. Allie prefers to get her exercise outside when she can, and you can see why. Beauty is not something that you can measure, or that you can force. Beauty […]

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Pure Pleasure and the health benefits of sex

There is absolutely no doubt that sex is an undeniable part of who we are. It is as important to our well-being as eating well and exercise. It is incomparable in the way that it connects us to other human beings, and between consenting adults, it can be an extraordinary experience that bonds us, frees […]

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Zen and the Art of Paddling

So much of what we do on a day-to-day basis in modern life is done on mindless auto-pilot. We work, eat, sleep, and live out our lives with so little conscious engagement that we are at risk of becoming the zombies that we find so ceaselessly entertaining in books, movies, and on TV. And this mindlessness often […]

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Thousands gather at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for free workout Sunday

By Bonnie Horgos Santa Cruz Sentinel Photo: Dan Coyro Santa Cruz Sentinel SANTA CRUZ — Beneath a blanket of fog, fitness junkies broke a sweat Sunday afternoon outside the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Casino Arcade. Billy Blanks, a fitness guru and inventor of Tae Bo — a total body fitness system that incorporates Martial Arts […]

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Relax, you’ve got plenty of air to spare

As a Santa Cruz transplant, I did not grow up near the water. It took a stoked ex-girlfriend who surfed better than I could to get me motivated enough to drive over the hill to get wet. But now, a few years hence, having moved to Santa Cruz I’ve been fully converted and have been […]

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Conscious Creations is bringing to Santa Cruz a fresh and fully organic menu

BY: Jennie Fish Conscious Creations is bringing to Santa Cruz a fresh and fully organic menu in a casual café style setting with a cool island ambiance. This restaurant is dedicated to not only bringing you a unique menu that inspires your taste buds, it is also a place to gather with your loved ones […]

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Miracle Aquaponics: Planting the Seed

Are you tired of eating genetically modified produce from the grocery store? Maybe you’ve already started a garden in your backyard to combat the GMOs. But then the hassle of weeding, watering, and fertilizing your plants can become arduous; a garden is a huge investment of time, money, and labor. That’s why local entrepreneur Pierre […]

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Fun. Fresh. Fungus.

Have you ever walked past a mushroom and thought to yourself, “I wonder if I could eat that”? I recommend that you do not. That said, there are many of experienced mushroom foragers out there who are extremely experienced and capable of identifying edible mushrooms. Foraging is a skill that, like all skills, is developed […]

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Pomegranates: An Ancient and Satisfying Delight!

Growing up my brothers and I could not wait for our unsuspecting neighbor’s pomegranate bush to bloom in fall so that we could rip this delicious fruit from its source, and munch on the delectable seeds.   Oh, how the memories of that sweet and tangy juice and its eruption of flavor that tantalized every taste […]

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Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid Kits

BY:Curt Johnson Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid Kits was started before a 3 week surf trip to Bali, Indonesia in 2010. While preparing for the trip, we noticed one piece of inventory that was necessary, but not available: a first aid kit. More specifically, a first aid kit geared towards surfers. While scouring the Internet, […]

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Transform Your Life From the Inside Out

By Dominuque Free I worked with the SF Giants recently. Just prior to the series games we processed their blocks to success and bingo! The rest is history! Just kidding, folks, but seriously this is the kind of success that is possible for you, too. If you are wanting to enhance your athletic, business or […]

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Vital Body Therapy- Taking holistic healing to a new level of excellence!

There are few spas in Santa Cruz that “bring the level of skill and commitment to excellence to their clients” like Vital Body Therapy, according to co-owner Kelly Stoll.  Set in the coveted Seabright area next to Shopper’s Corner, Vital Body Therapy is consistently bringing clients to a higher level of well-being through Massage Therapy, […]

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Sleeping 101- Siesta to a healthier you!

  Sleep is more important than you think, and you likely are not getting enough of it.  We live in a hustle and bustle world where sleeping less and doing more is the standard.  Unfortunately burning the candle at both ends may actually shorten your life span.  You have to ask yourself then, “What is […]

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The Paleolithic Diet: Unlocking the inner beast!

In case you didn’t know, the Paleolithic Diet, also known as the “caveman diet” or “stone-age diet,” is taking the country by its fierce K-9s.   First popularized in the 1970’s, and created by gastroenterologist, Walter L. Voegtlin, the premise of the diet is that modern humans are adapted genetically to our caveman ancestors of the […]

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Fukushima: 1.5 Years Later

  The fallout        Studies detailing adverse long-term health effects following the Fukushima disaster have been rather inconclusive. However, with debris beginning to wash up on US shores, some may begin to worry. As of now, only twelve pieces of debris have made their way to American soil of the 2 million tons […]

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The Unstoppable Avocado! – It packs a protein punch!

Avocados have received a bad rap for being just a fatty fruit for far too long, but the truth is this versatile produce is anything but bad for you.  Avocados are so rich in protein.  In actuality the protein from avocados is more easily absorbed into the body due to their fiber content, as opposed […]

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What’s a Wave?

Where to begin?   There are two major forces involved in the creation of a wave: wind and gravity. As you may already know, the moon’s (and, to some extent, the sun’s) gravity effects the tide, which contributes significantly to building waves. Between the wind and the tide, sea water can get moving pretty fast. […]

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