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Left at the Lane. Photos: Jake Thomas

The south swell that rolled through town brought some lefts at the Lane and Chad Underhill-Meras was on it. After jumping off the cliff straight into a Slot wave (only to be burned by someone who didn’t even think to look at a guy charging off the cliff), Chad went left and got caught inside […]

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South Swell!

That’s right! A nice South Swell has been coming through… Warmer water and some niiiiice waves! Photos- Nelly

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NSSA Competition at The Point

The conditions were great at The Point for the the NSSA Competition on Saturday afternoon. Everyone in the competition was shredding. Photos- Hannah Morse Photography

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Found a bit of Serenity in Capitola For Spring Break Weekend

Capitola has always been home to me, and personally I feel that this city acts as the heart of Santa Cruz. Capitola has always been a favorite place for families and tourism to thrive. The Surf here is perfect for all levels of ability from the absolute beginner to the veteran. Most of the time […]

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March Madness. Photos: Kookson

That’s what one surfer said getting out of the water yesterday. But what a beautiful day… Photos: Kookson@aol.com

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Spring Break Swells Pumping at the Lane

With the new southwest swell finally starting to show up, the Lane picked up with sets that were well overhead. From Carlos “Leets” Carpenter throwing down some big vertical snaps to a couple guys flying through some back washy barrels at the slot, it was an incredible day to watch from the cliffs. Photos- Lucas […]

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Sanctuary. Photos: Kookson

When your whole world seems to be exploding all around you, do as the late great J.J.Moon did, ‘Go Surfing’… Photos: Kookson@aol.com

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Foggy morning, bright day, cool surf in Capitola on Saturday

Saturday kept me busy all day long. The weather report looked great on paper so I planned to do my more artsy work first thing in the morning. Then fog. Oh Mother Nature I love you but this wasn’t going to be a day for portfolio pieces. There was some fun surfing going on at […]

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