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Sunday Water Shots at Steamer Lane

Sunday evening at Steamer Lane was an interesting one. The waves started off pretty slow with smaller ones rolling through and the occasional set that everyone was itching for. As the tide continued to drop, conditions improved… at least a little. The crazy thing though was that it was not that crowded out, but despite […]

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A swell Saturday at the Lane

This week we have the remnants of Hurricane Marie, bringing clouds that make the sky dramatic and a photographer’s dream come true (the cloudlessness from that high pressure system off the coast most of this year has been dismal). Today the swell was big and beautiful; powerful and rideable. Not the monsters that hit Southern […]

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Gray Morning at The Point

Friday morning saw the swell still holding and the early birds were on it to take advantage of the smooth conditions under an overcast sky.  Surfers included Ireland Conti, Tyler Fox, and Brad Fox, to name a few.  Photos by Paul Topp.

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Thursday’s session on the North Coast

On thursday morning, the wind picked up early, but that didn’t stop a solid crew of surfers from taking advantage of the rare tropical swell pushing into exposed areas outside of town. Here is a peek into one of the many sessions that went down along this particular section of coastline. Photos: Matt Snow / […]

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Sunny Day at Weasel Reef

It was a beauiful day, the waves were pumping, there was a small group of surfers ripping the place apart. Surfers included Josh Mulcoy, Jeff North and Steve Colton. Interested in purchasing photos e-mail kookson@aol.com Photos: Kookson

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Every year Oakley puts on it’s Surf Shop Challenge around the world. Santa Cruz is the final stop on the tour. After that all regional champs get to take off on their all-expense paid adventure to Central America for the National Championship. With 4 man teams (two surf shop pros and two shop employees) competing […]

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Thank you Marie. photos: Patrick Bremser

The Southeastern Pacific has been filled with action this year due to the little El Nino warm water upwelling and it has thrown us very few little bones to chew on thus far. But finally Hurricane Marie turned the corner down there and entered our swell window, and thank goodness it has. Though it may […]

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Tuesday at the Lane. Photos: Jake Thomas

Tuesday saw some waves and the Lane was brimming with talent. Nat Young was power surfing the guts out of Slot waves alongside the likes of Wilem Banks, Richie Schmidt, and others.

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