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Mini Slabs. photos: Patrick Bremser

Even when the sky is grey and when we are between swells, there area always little playful little waves to get into. Here is a little gallery from the west side the other day. photos: Patrick Bremser

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Lane Change. Photos: Jake Thomas

With the dearth of waves yesterday, I decided to revisit a session at the Lane a couple of weeks ago. Kyle Thierman, Austin Smith Ford, and Nick Sandman were making the most of a decent swell. Enjoy!

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Sunday & Tuesday on eastside

Small wave action Sunday morning at The Hook with a mix of some Pleasure Point action Tuesday July 22nd. Photos: Kookson / kookson@aol.com

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Thursday morning on the westside. Photos: Kookson

Thursday morning saw a little bump in south swell and this crew of regulars was all over it.  Some of the surfers included: Darshan Gooch, Anthony Tashnick, Sam Coffey, Joe Hudson, Mike Golder, and Nic Hdez to name a few. Photos: Kookson / kookson@aol.com

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Foggy days on the North Coast

With super thick fog, glassy conditions, and a fun-sized south swell, many surfers made it out for Thursday’s evening session north of town. Here is a snapshot into one of the many sessions that went down along this part of the coast. Photos: Matt Snow / @tradersnow For image purchase inquiries, please contact: mattclarksnow@gmail.com

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Surfing the Monotone. photos: Patrick Bremser

Not even Indonesia has perfectly blue waves and popcorn clouded skies all year around. Every traveling surfer knows that the chances of getting skunked with monotone days on a trip is often just as likely as those reeling glassy barrels with popcorn clouded skies. And although we may be able to drop some serious coin […]

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Family Night at the Lane. Photos: Jake Thomas

Last night the swell was just enough to provide fun little rides for the groms. Sam Coffey and Autumn Hays were having fun with Osh, Selah and other Bartletts.

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Monday morning on the westside. Photos: Kookson

We have been definitely had a bit of a wave drought this summer but even when the forecast is showing flat there is usually a wave or two somewhere to have some fun on.  Some of the surfers included: Darryl “Flea” Virostko and Fisher Baxter to name a few. Photos: Kookson / kookson@aol.com  

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