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Santa Cruz Downwind Ryders Cup Paddle Race

Saturday was one of the most amazing events I’ve gotten to cover: The Santa Cruz Downwind Ryders Cup hosted by Ghostryders Santa Cruz. This event involved athletes paddling SUP boards, kayaks, and outriggers from Davenport Landing to the Santa Cruz Wharf. That’s 14 miles. They assembled at 1:30 in the afternoon and waited for the […]

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Folly of Film

Spring has sprung and Summer is fast approaching. The swell direction has shifted to a more southerly direction, for the most part, and the days between waves seems to grow. The wind has been increasingly present and blows away warm surface waters that then bring up cooler, nutrient rich waters. After getting pretty accustomed to […]

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Skatepark Session. Photos: Jake Thomas

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Daily Shredding at Mike Fox

The wind picked up in the afternoon causing the waves to get quite blown out, so I headed to the skate park to shoot! Local shredders Ashley Held, Logan Frank, and Pero Simic were tearing it up all afternoon. From massive frontside airs to some stylish grinds. These kids definitely put on a show. Photos- […]

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Perfect weather for Kite Surfing – photos by George Saitas

When the weather’s too windy for surfing, there’s another option…kite surfing! Photos by: George Saitas Photography

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Friday Morning Stretches for the Lane

And here is it is nearly may and we have a 18sec period NW’er?! We aren’t complaining! For teh dawn hours this morning the usual crew and then some were throwing themselves at everything they could to savor this late season NW swell. From elevator drops to barreling lefts to gorgeous cutties, the crew was […]

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Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival Geared Up This Week

This weekend, Santa Cruz became host to the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival. The event was packed with gear junkies and cyclists from all over the county. The Counties top vendors such as Cycle Works, The Adventure Outdoor Journal, Santa Cruz Core, Epic Center Cycling and Velocity Bike Parks turned the San Lorenzo park into […]

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Eastside Sunset Session Thursday

As yesterday wound down many wave rides and lovers of the ocean made their way to the seashore on the east side of Santa Cruz to participate in the daylight’s last waves. From young rippers to old timers, everyone was gettin’ down! Here is a little gallery from the action. Enjoy!! photos: Patrick Bremser

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