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Mini Slabs. photos: Patrick Bremser

Even when the sky is grey and when we are between swells, there area always little playful little waves to get into. Here is a little gallery from the west side the other day. photos: Patrick Bremser

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Cruising with Whales

Dave over at The Kayak Connection offered to take us on a cruise out of Moss Landing this past Tuesday morning and we couldn’t resist the amazing opportunity.  The Monterey Bay was alive with whale action and at multiple points we had humpbacks surrounding us in every direction.  Thanks again Dave and Larry for the […]

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Surfing the Monotone. photos: Patrick Bremser

Not even Indonesia has perfectly blue waves and popcorn clouded skies all year around. Every traveling surfer knows that the chances of getting skunked with monotone days on a trip is often just as likely as those reeling glassy barrels with popcorn clouded skies. And although we may be able to drop some serious coin […]

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Morning Surges. Photos: Patrick Bremser

While Santa Cruz was sweetly reaping the rewards of being the south swell magnet that it is, All manner of nooks and crannies saw different angles of this south pulse and the little NW short period swell these last couple days. This is a gallery of shots from a little beach with a serious penchant […]

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Get inside the waves with 14 year old water photographer Wesley Riccabona

Get inside the waves with 14 year old photographer Wesley Riccabona

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Shorebreak Photo Club. photos: Patrick Bremser

Since the GoPro came out almost 10 years ago, a new kind of water photographer has emerged. The first publicly sold one was fickle but produced some fun shots. The second generation upped the ante and changed the image game again. The third generation has put the gopro into a level of its own. Not […]

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Dawn at the Lane. photo: Patrick Bremser

Monday Morning at the Lane. With a swell still pulsing, the early charging group got some beautiful conditions for their dawn patrol session. Photos: Patrick Bremser

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Flipbook of Barrels: Summer Sunset. photos: Patrick Bremser

Even though most of june has been classically grey and flat for us on the central coast, there have been moments of summer’s greatness. While the surf is small, the groms are all getting to the water early no matter the size. Just tuesday night, a little southie peaked and the shorebreak came alive with […]

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