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Misty Morning Trails with Conner

There are few better places than the Santa Cruz Mountains on a misty morning. The fog hangs in the redwood canopy and muffles the usual din of the forest. Just outside a city of 60,000, you can feel absolutely alone. It’s just you, your bike, and your favorite trails. And possibly a photographer. My good […]

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Thank you Marie. photos: Patrick Bremser

The Southeastern Pacific has been filled with action this year due to the little El Nino warm water upwelling and it has thrown us very few little bones to chew on thus far. But finally Hurricane Marie turned the corner down there and entered our swell window, and thank goodness it has. Though it may […]

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2014 TA-HOE NALU Paddle Festival at Kings Beach State Park

On August 8, 2007, on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe in Tahoe City, California, the first stand up paddle board race was held. In a seven-mile race, 34 male and female competitors competed. This was the beginning of the Ta-Hoe Nalu Paddle Festival. This 2 day event is packed with activities and fun. There […]

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Barrels Abound. photos: Patrick Bremser

While the last little swell pulses have not been massive, they hae brought some fun size around the Central Coast. And while school has gone back into session for some of the SC youth, not all are sitting at their desks during the morning glass-off sessions of the grey Santa Cruz summers. Here is a […]

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Morning Glass. photos: Patrick Bremser

Wednesday morning saw a new little pulse of swell. Not much, but for those who were out at the right spots and when the sets finally came through, there was a bit of fun size just after the low tide. Here is a gallery of shots from my bodysurfing session on the west side. Somedays, […]

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Santa Cruz City Amateur golf tournament hosted by DeLaveaga Golf Course

The Santa Cruz City Amateur kicked off on Saturday, August 9th with two full days of fantastic golf! The crowd cheered on some of the best in the state as they took on Delaveaga Golf Course! There was plenty of delicious food catered by El Palomar. Congratulations to Bud Freitas who came in third for […]

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Mini Slabs. photos: Patrick Bremser

Even when the sky is grey and when we are between swells, there area always little playful little waves to get into. Here is a little gallery from the west side the other day. photos: Patrick Bremser

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Cruising with Whales

Dave over at The Kayak Connection offered to take us on a cruise out of Moss Landing this past Tuesday morning and we couldn’t resist the amazing opportunity.  The Monterey Bay was alive with whale action and at multiple points we had humpbacks surrounding us in every direction.  Thanks again Dave and Larry for the […]

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