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Fall in the Eastern Sierras. photo: Patrick Bremser

Yesterday, I took a quick run over to the east side of the Sierras to try and catch some of the wonder of fall. On the west coast, we dont get the colors as much as the east coast or colorado, but we do have some places of epic fall color glory in our back […]

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The NW’ers are here. photos: Patrick Bremser

If the recent NW swells are any judge of how good our winter season will be, we are in for a beautiful winter! Here is a gallery of shots from this morning. Clean, offshore, and heaving. Winter is on its way. photos: Patrick Bremser

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A Saturday morning around Steamer Lane

This morning’s surf forecast didn’t look exciting to… just about anybody I think. The sunrise however was something you just had to experience to believe (r check my photos for the next best thing). Waves were generally around 3 feet and a little rare. A few kids paddled out and they were rewarded with a […]

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wednesday sunset at the Lane. photos: P Bremser

As a fading swell lingers and a new massive pulse begins to roll in, a massive crew of afternoon shedders made their way into the lineup at the Lane last night. By the time you are seeing this, either you will have caught some of the maxing swell on thursday or you will be wishing […]

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Sumeg Necklace making

This is a gallery of photos from the Sumeg necklace making workshop at the Patrick’s Point State Park. The workshop runs every Saturday teaching people the traditional art of making necklaces just like the native people of Humboldt County, the Sumeg. Photos- George Saitas

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Central Coast Dive & Fishing Trip

We are so blessed to have such an abundance of natural beauty along our coastline.  You can drive an hour north or an hour south and feel as though you are a totally different country.  A group of friends packed up lunches, grabbed the fishing gear and decided to make a day trip on a […]

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Winter Dreaming. photos: Patrick Bremser

With the last little remnants of summers south swells pulsing through and our first NW’er on the horizon, we are on the brink of winter and the return of pumping swell. Here is a little gallery of some of the highlights from this last winter. Epic sunrises and sunsets, heaving Mav’s, pumping Lane, dawn patrol […]

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Thank You Marie, #2. photo: Patrick bremser

Last weeks run of Hurricane Marie created swell produced enough swell for us all to get some good time either under the curtain or flyin’ down the line. Here is another batch of shots from a bodysurfing session during that swell. Enjoy! photos: Patrick Bremser

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