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Easy Ridin’ at Dawn on the Eastside. photos: P.Bremser

While folks lined up at the Lane in preparation for the contest, the regulars slid their way through the dawn hours on the eastside like it was their job. One by one, wave by wave, everyone had plenty to ride. Here is a gallery of the dawn crew, doin their thing on a another gorgeous […]

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Monday evening sunset at Rockview.

We are officially into sunset season.  Vibrant skies are almost the norm and the weather is still warm enough for shorts and flip-flops.  Monday evening was no different. Photos: T.Fox

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Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

And like that, it seemed like summer ended. This is part of life by the coast; the summer is socked in with the marine layer then we get a glorious fall season. Then bam! Rough, choppy, goofy surf and…. what’s this wet stuff falling from the sky? There were a few guys out at Steamer […]

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Tuesday’s Painted Lines at the Lane. photo: P. Bremser

tuesday the dawn patrol warriors met a peaking WNW swell and pristine conditions on the central coast. While everyone at Mavericks was getting caught inside, the boys and girls at the Lane were getting their own dose of heavy water. here is a gallery from the majesty of the morning. Both waves ridden and unridden. […]

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Sunset at Steamer Lane

It is always a pleasure to watch the sunset at Steamer Lane. Photos by Paul Topp

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Fall in the Eastern Sierras. photo: Patrick Bremser

Yesterday, I took a quick run over to the east side of the Sierras to try and catch some of the wonder of fall. On the west coast, we dont get the colors as much as the east coast or colorado, but we do have some places of epic fall color glory in our back […]

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The NW’ers are here. photos: Patrick Bremser

If the recent NW swells are any judge of how good our winter season will be, we are in for a beautiful winter! Here is a gallery of shots from this morning. Clean, offshore, and heaving. Winter is on its way. photos: Patrick Bremser

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A Saturday morning around Steamer Lane

This morning’s surf forecast didn’t look exciting to… just about anybody I think. The sunrise however was something you just had to experience to believe (r check my photos for the next best thing). Waves were generally around 3 feet and a little rare. A few kids paddled out and they were rewarded with a […]

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