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Twin Lakes State Beach Schwann Lagoon. Photos: Jake Thomas

We live in a state with a lot of amazing parks. Here in Santa Cruz, there are a lot of great parks to explore when the ocean is flat. Twin Lakes State Beach has a series of trails that wind through the land on the other side of the lagoon. It’s right there, you’ve driven […]

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Green Turtles and Landscapes

I’m sorry if you are getting tired of photos from Kauai, but since the waves here on Sunday were uninspiring, I collected some more photos from my recent trip to Kauai. I promise that this will be my last one, but it was hard for me not to share a few more, especially of the […]

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Summer-time on the North Coast

With nearly flat conditions, and not much in the way of surfing to shoot, I decided to put together a collection of images that display the beauty of our surrounding area, particularly, the coastline just north of Santa Cruz. Photos: Matt Snow / @tradersnow For image purchase inquiries, please contact: mattclarksnow@gmail.com

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Mini Slabs. photos: Patrick Bremser

Even when the sky is grey and when we are between swells, there area always little playful little waves to get into. Here is a little gallery from the west side the other day. photos: Patrick Bremser

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Cruising with Whales

Dave over at The Kayak Connection offered to take us on a cruise out of Moss Landing this past Tuesday morning and we couldn’t resist the amazing opportunity.  The Monterey Bay was alive with whale action and at multiple points we had humpbacks surrounding us in every direction.  Thanks again Dave and Larry for the […]

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Virtual Trip to Kauai

Santa Cruz is great, as we all know, but let me take you on a quick little journey to Kauai, virtually of course. Kauai has so much to offer including coral reefs, unique plants and animals and beautiful landscapes. Check some of them out! Photos: Kenan Chan

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Canepa Cars & Coffee in Scotts Valley. Photos: George Saitas

Photos: George Saitas / http://www.capturessencephotography.com

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Surfing the Monotone. photos: Patrick Bremser

Not even Indonesia has perfectly blue waves and popcorn clouded skies all year around. Every traveling surfer knows that the chances of getting skunked with monotone days on a trip is often just as likely as those reeling glassy barrels with popcorn clouded skies. And although we may be able to drop some serious coin […]

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