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Random Happenings at Steamer Lane

Steamer Lane Santa Cruz, California Santa Cruz’s Steamer Lane, as we all know, is a world famous surf spot. Some love it, some hate it. For some it’s a proving ground, for others it’s their playground. It serves as a stadium with viewing areas and a playing field, stocked with fans, photographers and the athletes […]

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Folly of Film

Spring has sprung and Summer is fast approaching. The swell direction has shifted to a more southerly direction, for the most part, and the days between waves seems to grow. The wind has been increasingly present and blows away warm surface waters that then bring up cooler, nutrient rich waters. After getting pretty accustomed to […]

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Friday Morning Stretches for the Lane

And here is it is nearly may and we have a 18sec period NW’er?! We aren’t complaining! For teh dawn hours this morning the usual crew and then some were throwing themselves at everything they could to savor this late season NW swell. From elevator drops to barreling lefts to gorgeous cutties, the crew was […]

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Saturday, Clear And Warm For A Beach Cleanup

Warm, flat, and calm is what we had Saturday — that big swell from last week is definitely over. This was the kind of day that’s perfect for kayaking and SUP boarding around the Santa Cruz Harbor. I dropped in on a group heading out from SUP Shack Santa Cruz and watched their progress. I […]

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Eastside Sunset Session Thursday

As yesterday wound down many wave rides and lovers of the ocean made their way to the seashore on the east side of Santa Cruz to participate in the daylight’s last waves. From young rippers to old timers, everyone was gettin’ down! Here is a little gallery from the action. Enjoy!! photos: Patrick Bremser

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Lazy Thursday Afternoon at 41st.

As the day wound down, all manner of waverider young and old grabbed their wetsuits and board of choice to grab a late afternoon session. With summer hours allowing the groms to play after school and before dinner, parents were quick to get them in the water. There was no lack of fun to be […]

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Plenty to love on a rainy Saturday

Rained out? Surf flat? It happens. I go shoot anyway though because there’s always something going on, even when the story mostly says “relax.” I walked Pacific Ave for a couple of hours to get a sense of the day. It was cool and damp but still warmer than an awful lot of places across […]

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Climate change may flatten Santa Cruz’s famed waves

By James Urton, Bay Area News Group SANTA CRUZ >> On a summer day in 1885, three Hawaiian princes surfed at the mouth of the San Lorenzo River on crudely constructed boards made from coastal redwoods, bringing the sport to the North American mainland. Today their wave-riding successors consult satellite weather forecasts on smartphones before […]

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