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Things you see cruising around Capitola – Photos by George Saitas

Just a regular Saturday morning, cruising through Capitola, these are some scenes you might see. Photos: George Saitas Photography

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A Little Taste of Hawaii. photos: PBremser

Here is a little gallery of moments from the last couple days here in Hawaii. Enjoy!! Photos: Patrick Bremser

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SC Highlights from 2014. photos: Patrick Bremser

Welcome to 2015 all!!!!! Here is a little gallery of some of my favorite shots from around our beloved Santa Cruz during 2014. Most of these can be purchased as prints and all sort of other merchendise on my website: PatrickBremserPhotography.Smugmug.com. Enjoy!!! and lets all make 2015 rockin! photos: Patrick Bremser

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A Walk through Pogonip SP. photos: P Bremser

Now that we have been blessed with a little water from the sky, all teh flora and fauna in the hills around us is glowing and happily drinking in the rain. Here is a little walk through a little gem here in town: Pogonip Park. Go see for yourself!! photos: Patrick Bremser

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Ribsys Nickel holiday party at Bocci’s Cellar: A fundraiser for Hope4Hayden.

A benefit supporting Hope for Hayden. http://bit.ly/1DZpWSJ This Ribsys Nickel holiday party brought an outstanding group of supporters together for a great cause at Bocci’s Cellar. A wonderful night with fantastic music & fabulous people… All taking part of the fight against cancer. Photo credit: Jeanine Michelle Olsen

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Tuesday’s Amazing Morning. photos: P Bremser

Tuesday morning saw some extraordinary moments, both in and out of the water. Here is a little gallery of shots from both places. Enjoy!!! photos: Patrick Bremser

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Spinning wool north of Santa Cruz

Recently, a friend and I drove up to a tunnel north of Santa Cruz. I had been envisioning these images for about a year and was excited to finally start shooting. The rushing water in the cave was about a foot deep and it created a nice addition to the photographs. What you see are […]

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Monotone Storm. photos: P. Bremser

It is soooooooo nice to listen to the falling of the rain, no matter where it may be. It is a sounds we have not had around much these last few years. These last storms have been welcomed though, for many reasons. The south winds and weather do a number on the surf though, but […]

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