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Tubesday in Santa Cruz. Photos: Jake Thomas

Tuesday saw some great surf. Surfers (including John Hunter, Pat Farley, Shawn “Barney” Barron, Jesse Colombo, and more) scored some tasty looking waves, finding tube sections and shwacking power turns.  

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Monday in the Midtown

Monday saw killer conditions and this crew of locals were having a blast in the sucky wedges.  Some of the surfers included: Ryan Augenstein, Zealand Hunter, and Adam Replogle to name a few. Photos: Kookson / For photo inquiries e-mail:

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Monday afternoon at The Lane – Photos: Elisabeth Thalinger

Monday afternoon at The Lane was good size with the likes of Ken “Skindog” Collins, Nic Lamb Photos: Elisabeth Thalinger

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Monday at Indicators and Middle Peak

Monday morning saw pumping surf with some stiff offshore winds grooming the green walls.  Some of the surfers included: Steve Colton and Alex Ramsbottom to name a few. Photos: T.Fox

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Easter on the eastside

Easter Day saw a late season swell that produced overhead to double overhead surf at a variety of spots around Santa Cruz.  There was even some bombs up the coast at Mavericks.  This crew of locals welcomed the strong swell with open arms.  Some of the surfers included: Brian Hart, Ryan Augenstein, Tyler Fox, Dusty […]

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Spend some time inside the waves

Photos: Wesley Riccabona instagram @wesleback Spend some time inside the waves with 14 year old Santa Cruz photographer Wesley Riccabona

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Easter Sunday at Mavericks

This Sunday had some epic surf, from Santa Cruz all the way up to Half Moon Bay and even further North. The coast was cloaked in a patchy low layer of fog that seemed to recede and then fill back in Sunday morning, making a surf check next to impossible. That didn’t stop a dedicated […]

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Punk Rock at the Catalyst! Bl’ast, Swingin Utters and Fast Asleep

It was a good ‘ol time at the Catalyst on Friday night! People came out of the woodwork to see this line-up. It was a loud, sweaty, stage diving, fun and rowdy crowd. There was even a fire in the middle of the pit. Bl’ast’s new drummer, Joey Castillo, was fierce. Best show in a […]

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Saturday shred in Santa Cruz

Sometimes you just have to get lucky and be in the right place at the right time. This was the case for this small crew of locals. Some of the surfers included: Pat Farley, Brian Kilpatrick, and Jack Conti to name few. Photos: Kookson / e-mail:

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3rd Friday at the MAH: Fashion and Body Art

Fashion went forward with colorful fashion and body art displays plus activities at The Museum of Art and History‘s 3rd Friday Fashion and Body Art Festival. Fashion Art Santa Cruz brought you “FashionART: Paint to Wear,” a fashion art paint-a-thon with local artists and fashion designers Rose Sellery, Tina Brown, and Angelo Grova: 6 artists. […]

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Sunny Thursday at The Lane

As the tide slowly dropped on Thursday, a handful of talented locals hopped in at The Lane for small but sunny session. Some of the people out included: Ben Coffey, Richie Schmidt, and Carlos Carpenter to name a few. Photos: Matt Snow / @tradersnow For all photo inquiries:

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Spring time in Tel Aviv, Israel. photos: Patrick Bremser

We all have our informed and uninformed opinions of the Middle East and what is happening down there. And when you put aside all the political mess, you are left with what is really going on. And in Tel Aviv, Israel, It is all about the Beach! And some epic farmers market that I dare […]

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Tuesday tear at Steamer Lane. Photos: Kookson

The usually youngsters were out in full force tearing the small surf to pieces.  Some of the surfers included: Santiago Hart, Ben Coffey, among others. Photos: Kookson  

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Women on Waves 2014. Photos: Jake Thomas

    Check out the video, HERE:

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Saturday and Sunday on the eastside. Photos: Kookson

It’s starting to feel a lot like summer with warmer temps and signs of south swells. Photos: Kookson

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Sunday Morning

Woke up Sunday morning to grey and cloudy weather and immediately hit the snooze button. My alarm went off again ten minutes later and I pried myself out of bed to meet up with a couple friends to see what waves we could find. I did the obligatory Surfline check, only to find most of […]

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Shared Adventures Celebrates 20 years at Pono

Shared Adventures celebrated it’s 20 year anniversary at Pono Hawaiian Grill on Saturday. There was a ribbon cutting with the mayor Lynn Robinson and the chamber.  And Foster Andersen gave out plaques to distinguished members of Shared Adventures. Lots of businesses donated great raffle prizes.  A percentage of Pono’s food safe proceeds went to support […]

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Saturday morning at The Lane. Photo: T.Fox

Saturday morning saw chest high set and glassy conditions at Steamer Lane.  Surfers included: Mike Salcedo among others. Photos: T.Fox

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Mid week on the westside. Photo: Kookson

Wednesday around the westside.  Some of the surfer included: Willie Eagleton, Wyatt Barrabee, Randy Bonds, and Wilem Banks to name  a few. Photos: Kookson

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Lowtide session at the Lane

With a combo swell in the water, and spring breakers back in school, the lane offered up plenty of waves to go around for everyone this week. Here is a collection of photos from the early afternoon session that went down before the fog rolled back in and blanketed the entire Santa Cruz coast. Some […]

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Mid-morning session on the North Coast

With spring-like conditions and the summer fog beginning its inevitable return, there have still been pockets of nice waves and weather for those who know when and where to look. Here is a gallery of one of those sessions that went down on Wednesday, north of town. Photos: Matt Snow / @tradersnow For purchase inquiries, […]

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Operation Stoked. Photos: Jake Thomas

Operation Surf came to town during a stretch of amazing weather and good surf. Everyone was stoked.  

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Sun and Waves

This first weekend of April was a warm and sunny one. There were waves pretty much everywhere and something for all skill levels. There was everything from hallow mini barrels to fast wedges. Surfers include Fisher Baxter, Willie Eagleton, Tyler Conroy, Xica Hansen, and Solomon Doherty. See a photo you would like to buy? Email […]

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Sunday funday at Pleasure Point. Photos: Kookson

More stellar weather and stomach high surf kept this crew of regulars stoked on a sunny Sunday at Pleasure Point. Some of surfers included: Jack Conti and Marty the Mechanic to name a few. Photos: Kookson

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