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Critical Moments

I haven’t been able to get out and shoot a new gallery due to the fact that I’ve been stuck in my house sick. So I decided to go through my files from this winter and put together a compilation of guys flying, falling, getting lipped, and going over the falls. Please, don’t take it […]

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Women Just Want To Get Barreled, Especially at Pipeline

Women do indeed get barreled, it’s just not what you typically see in the media. The Surf N’ Sea Pipeline Women’s Pro held on the North Shore of O’ahu this week featured the unthinkable: a testosterone-free Pipeline. On a typical Pipe swell the crowds are ruthless. The vibe is heavy, localism is next-level, and it […]

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A Day of Surfing just North of Santa Cruz – Photos by George Saitas

Heading North out of Santa Cruz…great views and awesome surf. Photos: George Saitas Photography

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Marching Forward. Photos: Jake Thomas

Spring is here and it doesn’t suck. Beautiful weather and nice waves make this place something special and for certain windows of the year it’s hard to believe how lucky we are. This has been one of those weeks. Had the chance to work with Kalu Coletta and saw the dude catch maybe a thousand […]

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Just north of Santa Cruz

Driving up the coast going north out of Santa Cruz  I find a plethora of little coves, beaches and look outs that have stunning beauty and breath taking views of the natural beauty of the region. I decided to stop at this and take in the experience. One couple was fishing from high above the […]

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Paradise Revisited. Photos: Kookson

Living and surfing in Santa Cruz one tends to forget why were here, but not these surfers they know exactly what to do… Photos: Kookson@aol.com

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Backlit Surf Under a Breathtaking Sky

There is something truly amazing about observing Santa Cruz surfers… On this particular evening the tide was fairly low which allowed for me to capture some artistic edits on the shore at Rockview. One amazing aspect of this local gem is that there is more than one spot to hit the surf here. The best […]

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Up Close and Personal at Steamers Lane

I’ve had some great experiences at Steamers Lane however today seemed exceptionally over the top. I happened to have some time during the “lunch hour” and although shooting mid-day is my least favorite time, I was definitely rewarded. The Surf was beautiful with over head sets hitting the cliffs every 15 seconds or so, mildly […]

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