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WickrX Super Sessions, big wave women charging the Central Coast

Photos of big wave women charging the Central Coast of California on Tuesday, December 17th, 2014. WickrX Super Sessions has gathered all the top women in the sport up in the Bay Area to surf together, compare notes and push the boundaries of the sport. For more info, visit: www.wickrx.org/WSS/ Photos by Shannon Marie @shannonreporting

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Jaws from December 10th

More incredible shots from Jaws, December 10th. Photos- Shannon Marie @shannonreporting

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Rainy day surf check on The Eastside

With continuing rain and howling south winds on Monday afternoon, there wasn’t much happening in the way of surf. However, there were still pockets of beauty to be seen, as the sun peeked through the low-hanging storm clouds and cast its rays along the coast. Photos: Matt Snow / @tradersnow  For image purchase inquiries, please […]

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The rain brings out the fungi – photos by George Saitas

After the rain, a multitude of different types of fungi come out to play in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Photos by: George Saitas Photography TO PURCHASE THESE IMAGES CLICK HERE.

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Surf on the West Side – Big waves after the storm

Using all of my mastery of the English language I shall describe the waves Saturday as … “big”. A few guys were out early and more came as low tide arrived about 10:00. Middle Peak was an enormous (look! adjectives!) display of mother nature’s raw power.

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Live & Let Die

Traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast not only do you gain 3 hours of time but you also gain a sense of how people think and live differently. Of all the surfers and skaters I’ve met on my trip, they all may dream of the ‘California Lifestyle’ but they all remain true […]

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Santa Cruz Waves Holiday Party

Santa Cruz Waves just opened an office and retail location on Portola by 41st. To celebrate the holiday season plus the opening of our new spot, we threw a party! There was great food catered by Lion Fish, lots of adult beverages and the food truck Zameen parked right outside. We are so grateful for […]

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Pre Storm Surf

Now that at least the first part of this so called super storm passed  and left its mark here in Santa Cruz,  like the tree that was uprooted and is now laying on our garage, it’s time to look back at some of the waves that this storm brought. Interested in purchasing a photo, email […]

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